Tuesday, July 15, 2008
Took this picture as I left the scene

NO, my eyes were not deceiving me,

Ahead of my truck, driving southbound on US69 near the Oklahoma/Kansas border was a fully restored '62 metallic blue Chevy Corvair Convertible. There is something special about the 'restored losers' in the automobile world. The Edsels, Ramblers and Corvairs that were laughed off of the market in years past, somehow gain respectability 50 years later. This Corvair was a beaut'. You all know how slow antique car owners drive on highways, and this Corvair was going 22-25 miles per hour in a 60 mph zone. The top of the convertible was down and I recognized the driver of that metallic blue Corvair. Of course you won't believe me, but it was none other than Ralph Nader at the wheel. He had a french beret on, and a long green scarf even though it was quite warm.

And sitting beside him on that antique vinyl was none other than Helen Thomas. I guess they were out celebrating the death of Tony Snow. Ralph had his left hand on the knuckle buster on the steering wheel, and in his right hand he had a bottle of Perrier. Helen had a smile on her half lipsticked face but I couldn’t see either of her hands. Helen and Ralph were so close to each other that Rosie O'Donnell could have been sitting shotgun on that small front seat.

Ralphie was driving erratic, and only 22 mph but I had been able to slow my rig down and not run over a few thousand pounds of tinfoil and liberals. BUT unable to safely pass, I drove for miles behind the Corvair.

The mayhem started when Ralph was done with the Perrier. All of the sudden Ralphie tossed the GREEN Perrier bottle, from the Corvair. He didn't toss it out to the left, right or ahead of the Corvair, NO...he backhanded it, BEHIND. Yep..........right into my windshield.

I pulled over onto the shoulder and called 911 and was given directions to the nearest police station to file a complaint. I drove there but couldn't see a place to park my rig in the police parking lot, so I parked in front of the 7-11 across the street from the police station. "I'll walk this one in not drive it in"................so I walked across the street.

I thought mistakenly that my surprises were over for the day...now it's down to serious business.

But, there in the police parking lot I saw..........A '62 metallic blue convertible Corvair.

I wanted to believe it was only a coincidence, but it wasn’t,.

Not too far from the beautiful Corvair was a picnic table and there was Helen, Ralph and two uniformed policewomen picnicking it up.

I took a few pictures and decided it would be wise to leave.

I can only share one picture because the ones I took of the picnickers are not suitable for a family blog.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What kind of green bottle did yo throw out of your gib rig?

Blogger web_loafer said...

Normally I would erase posts like yours Anonymouse, but I will leave it here. Don't really know why? Most anonymous posters will never revisit my blog, it's just a one shot deal.
So usually I just delete these meaningless drivelposts.

Oh, and have a Conservative Day.

Then again, you probably don't have the brain cells to appreciate the truth.

Blogger Len said...

Truth? Helen Thomas giving Ralph Nader a hand job in a '62 Chevy Corvair? That is what passes for truth in your world?

I'm not anonymous, by the way. You gonna delete my post?

Blogger web_loafer said...

Len, I should delete your comment to save you embarrassment. Is any thing funny in your life? You must be a sour pickle sucking liberal. Humor is great, you should learn to recognize it loser.

Anonymous Ben said...

this complete story is BULLSHIT. But it is kind of funny I guess. And what is this about "sour pickle sucking liberals?" Wow, so this conservative is using name-calling. How... mature.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am surprised that more people are not outraged with you dis of Ralph. Our GREEN party is just starting to come together. We will use this diatribe as proof that neocons are bigots.

Thanks for contributing fodder, for the GREEN party's future advertisements.

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