Monday, June 30, 2008
Let me guess, Beauty or Brains?


Blogger Jason said...

I can't believe I won our battle so narrowly against such a brilliant post!

Blogger web_loafer said...

Jason, a little tongue in cheek? Sometimes images don't need to be explained. Obama is worshipped as a messiah, and people talk about his beauty.
I'll take an ugly Winston Churchill or FDR any day over an inexperienced elitist who may or may not love the nation I love.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you suggesting that handone men and beautifool wemmen should not even get into politics?

Sorry; just trying to mimic the uneducated masses that dare to speak up on matters that don't concern them.

Personally I think beautiful people should be pulling the puppet strings of life. OH, (DAH)they already are.

Yes those of us that are way above the average looking human, and are
BEAUTIFUL, ALREADY RULE, And that's the world you peasants must live in.

Want Justice and Out?

I know a bridge where you can jump off of, and help the average I.Q. of the world to be increased.

Blogger Jason said...

Loafer, it was still pretty dumb. But don't worry, you've posted way dumber stuff than that. It's funny how in your mind there's only one right way to love our country and it happens to be your way.

Blogger Jay said...

I can't believe I'm so much in agreement with loafer these days.

That Obama is a true uniter.

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