Saturday, February 23, 2008
Help me Obama

Here is a picture of my baby......still running after 19 years. Recently I decided to sell it, and listed it for sale at a mere fraction of the original price, ($8,499 before taxes, monitor and mouse not included.) I mean, like we are talking almost $10,000 worth of slightly used computer equipment. The CPU has only been dropped twice, and I got most of the cat spray smell off of the mouse, but it still would be a great deal, for I listed it at a bargain basement price of $1,999. That's a saving of over $8,000. After running the ad in several papers for several months, I am still waiting for a call, life is so cruel.

Yes, life is cruel.
I decided life really isn't that important to me...
..since everyone ignores me,
even when I offer such a bargain.
I started typing out my suicide note.



Blogger AubreyJ said...

Now THAT was a fun post to read!!!

Blogger Deviant One said...

Heh. Be careful. If the terrorists hear that you are suicidal, they'll get really exited and try to recruit you!

Seriously, great post. Love reading your stuff!

Blogger web_loafer said...

Thanks DO,
I encourage all to visit

I have a Tandy from back when I was around 10 or think its worth something?

Blogger Jason said...

I don't get it.

Anonymous AlGore said...


You know I invented the intranet, so my advice is worth something.

You should be banned from the innernet.

My crack staff of tree huggers must have been sleeping with the groundhogs or something, and missed your obviously bigoted blog.

AlGore will be voting several times for the best Senator ever in the Senate, Barak Obama Hussein.

Look you little twirp, quit blogging. It's mine, it's my innernet, you hear me hillbilly.

oh no, I said those bad words, Bill and Hillary. Hillabillle, oh no did it again.

That Sara Paleon is hot isn't she?

I'd like to take her for a flight on my jetfuel guzzling big jet, and teach her how to run for vice president, after all, I was the best of the best of the vice presidents.

Gotta go, Tipper needs someone to fill up the ice cube trays.

Remember who invented the indernet, it was me,

Al Gore Jr.

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