Tuesday, February 19, 2008
Worried? Me?

The Democrats of America are poised to receive the biggest political slap ever.

The leaders of that party have called our warriors nazi like, cold blooded killers and even losers. Well, Americans know we need warriors when we are being warred upon, and the anger is building in the hearts and minds of American Patriots. There will be no reclaiming of the White House for the pleasure of the Clinton's. BUT, if the election were held today, another self proclaimed born again Christian would move into the beautiful White House.
Huckabee? Not for Me!
Think people, think of the two living presidents that bragged about being a born again! Hopefully that house of mine, (and yours) will not see the likes of George W. or Jimmy C. again. Jimmy spreads hatred of America, and George tries his best, but both have about as much presidential skill as Alfred E. Neuman.


Blogger McCain4prez said...

um okay, kinda agree, but Jimmy Carter evil. The worst president ever, yeah. Habitat for Humanity building evil in America errr.... houses for the poor in America.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Evil can come wrapped in sundry packages.
I was not talking about Jimmies life after 4 years of his presidency, I refer to what he did in his four years in the oval office. The list is too long to list here, but here are a few examples. Panama canal zone, given away, and it is now owned by the chinese military. Judges he appointed to the bench, who show open contempt for America. How about the decimation of the military. The stoppage of critical military programs. The downsizing of the military and secrets of ours flowing to China like water. The inability to rescue our embassy people who were humiliated by Iranian students....students mind you. The ousting of the Shah of Iran was a debacle, and who replaced the Shah?
Should I go on? The list is long, and the hours of pounding nails for Habitat for Humanity will not even start to atone for his anti-American actions. Habitat for Humanity is a great organization, but pounding nails is only pounding nails.
Oh, I wish McCain had a chance in the election, he doesn't. I like most of his work in the Senate, with two exceptions....The Campaign Financing bill which is unconstitutional, and will be overturned someday I hope. I also adamantly stand against his stand on open borders. He is no Barry Goldwater.

Blogger web_loafer said...

I apologize for being so stupid.......Hillary in 2008.

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