Saturday, December 08, 2007
Isn’t this presidential race getting interesting? Here we are as conservatives, hoping another ‘born again Christian’ becomes our next banner holder.
And one from Hope, Arkansas too.
Only one thing comes to my mind, I’m wanting a president of all American’s, not a preacher to all of America.


Anonymous manners5 said...

If you have any undamaged braincells, I don't think you have ever used them while blogging.

this tripe wipe proves that google is fair.

Who would listen, read or look at your blog, if they had to pay a penny a month to access your

Excuse me while I puke.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think manners5 is one of Schuckabe's obese children, pretending to be leean and mean.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Whoa, baby

I should really check out the comment section of my many blogs daily, but that ain't about to happen.

Yes, manners5 and others make me more determined to blog.

Friends don't encourage me as much as a hate monger from the other side.

BUT, relief is on the way....the Marxist blogaddicts who show up here once in a while....with no working link to their blog...well....

what can I say.

Is a writer known by his family or friends? OR.... Is a writer

SORRY, don't have time to finish that thought......


Hey manners5...

Email me....and we'll debate.

Anonymous comments are not debate.

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