Thursday, November 08, 2007
Not a Ted Kennedy Speech

.....The United States and France remain true to the memory of their common history, true to the blood spilled by their children in common battles. But they are not true merely to the memory of what they accomplished together in the past. They remain true, first and foremost, to the same ideal, the samprinciples the same values that have always united them.......By Nicolas Sarkozy

If you wish to read the entire speech by the great French leader...


I dare you to try to find words as gracious to America as these, by a foreign leader....from any public speech of Ted Kennedy. The priveledged American shows nothing but comtempt for America, yet a foreign leader tells the truth about Americans who are used to hearing nothing but the bad about America, from the lips of Democrats.....


Blogger Jay said...

Nice of the French to say such things after the rightwing blasted all things french not so long ago.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Yes, People change their views. Why Hill can do it in the same debate, two minutes apart.
While Jacques Chirac was leader of France, I had no respect for anything French. But, seeing that the French have awoken, and refused the 'girl treated bad candidate' (can you say hillary?)I have a renewed love of France and things French.

Blogger HighPlainsDrifter said...

France sucks!

Blogger McCain4prez said...

Maybe their new president is differant, and will SURRENDER some troops to go help us in Iraq, but I seem remember France not cooperating with the war on terror.

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