Friday, October 19, 2007
Your taxes keep this traitor wealthy
Hatred for America like this, almost always comes from California Democrats. Look and Listen, up folks, the video is only 22 seconds long. 22 seconds of hatred for America.

Tax money is taken from you to be given to traitors like this to make them rich and comfortable.
Pervie Pete Stark should be airlifted to Iraq to sleep with our troops fighting for his right to exist.

Do you know a better example of 'scumbag' than Pervie Pete Stark, Democrat CA?

Watch pure hatred for those keeping the terrorists away......'Nuf said, you are smart enough to understand the phrase....'enemies from without and within America....


Blogger Bob Higgins said...

Pete Stark should be given a medal for speaking the truth.

Bob Higgins
Worldwide Sawdust

Blogger Jay said...

I hate to keep pointing out that Bush is not America. If you should be mad at anybody living off your taxes...perhaps you should take a look at Bush for starting a mess that is killing so many brave soldiers for no reason at all. Add to that the half trillion dollars of your taxmoney flushed down a rat hole to make his buddies rich from the disaster. Such a waste...and you waste your anger on those pointing it out to you. Bush is the traitor that should be tried as a war criminal.

Blogger Jason said...

Pete Stark speaks for me and my daughter who is about to lose her affordable health insurance. You are an idiot if you think that criticizing this bullshit war and trying to keep children like mine able to afford health insurance is treason.

Anonymous Joe said...

The only reason that we have freedoms is because people use their rights.

Dissent is the highest form of patriotism, not blindly following and not questioning the status-quo.

I can respect your opinion on it, but the fact is, this is not a war. Congress hasn't declared it a war officially, and yet we have spent more than 461 billion dollars ( and still have not yet acquired the "freedom" for the Iraqi citizens.

The least we can do is owe it to our own citizens here (and abroad) decent health care coverage, protected civil rights, and some intelligence in the of government.

~ J

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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