Wednesday, October 03, 2007
Hollowen thoughts a little early

If I were a john-a-lantern, here is how I’d feel after a Shillary Hillary speech.

I deleted the rant that was here. I can do better than rant and rave about the problem, but sometimes it hurts to see and hear how some politicians treat America, and the ones who make it work. Yet, people still try every way imaginable to enter America illegally. Haven't noticed that Mexico needs to build a fence to keep Americans from flooding into their resource rich nation.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Marko said...

They are all a bunch of idiots.
Even if you choose your favorite very carefully, you still get stuck with an idiot!

Nevertheless democracy is still the best (or the least bad) system at the moment. Sad, but that's how it is.

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