Friday, September 28, 2007
You guessed it, I can't stop bloggin'
Where is all the hot air coming from?
Oh, not a very hard question was it? I'm back bloggin'
Here are a few excerpts from an old article I wrote about the Great Gulf States Hurricane of 2005. I refuse to refer to it as Katrina, because the suffering of New Orleans was but a small part of the devastation from that storm. If you say the word 'Katrina', most people think about the ugliness of the events in New Orleans, where the city, state and federal governments did what governments do best….waste taxpayers money and fail to solve the problem.

Tell me now, have the trillions (yes trillions of dollars extracted from the wallets of working Americans, enabled the Federal government to win the ‘war on poverty’? We’ve been fighting that war since ‘All the way with LBJ’, do you see any results?

Have the billions of dollars of taxpayers money spent on the ‘War on Drugs’ had any measure of success?

If we continue to pump money into New Orleans, Louisiana, and other sinkholes of taxpayer’s money, do you think it will do any measure of good? If you want to Continue Reading my thoughts on this subject.

The Great Gulf State Hurricane of 2005

Or if you don't give a rat's ass for America, enjoy this musical video.


Anonymous tears galore said...

Was hoping that you ran off the road, and would not be back. One more blog to ignore.

Anonymous JerkOff said...

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