Saturday, September 29, 2007
This is not the way we put an end to war.


Blogger web_loafer said...

Let me be the first to comment, about my own post here at Sanity's Bluff.

Buffy nailed this one. She figured it out, but she put a little to much blame on the ones who fight wars and forgot about the ones who really make war. It isn't the ones who go off to war that are to blame......

Someone like the little Hitler, V2.0 circa 2000, that's who started
WWIII, it wasn't the soldiers, it wasn't you or me, it was the spiritual leaders and perverts of islam that started this war.

Who is gonna win?

I have a feelin' America will never lose a war..........

And after the last bullet is spent, I would love to sit down in a comfortable place and talk with Buffy....the ultimate liberal.

If the so called liberals of the USofA, were somewhat like this lady, we'd be all right. The George Soro's Slavatrons are nothing liberal....liberal used to be a good word......when women like Buffy sang songs....check out Buffy's history, and you will read about a real liberal. I am a liberal, but won't admit it while the commies, anarcists and atheist's are in power.

Where is a liberal when America needed one? Well they are as rare as Goldwater conservatives...Go Figure!

Blogger Jay said...

It's a sad fact that those responsible for war are usually the ones who send young people off to die in them. Nobody pays a higher price than the soldier who has no say on how his honor and courage is used or misused.

And unless we do something about that sociopath in the White may be another decade and thousands more young lives before that last bullet is spent.

Then we can all enjoy another war memorial wall of names for a new generation.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Yes Jay, it is a sad fact.

Yet the fact remains.....some mothers sent 19 young men to America to kill as many of us as possible.

Tell it right to fight back when your nation is targeted by killers.....killers shouting Allah Akbar...when they succeed in their killing of others?

Yes, perhaps we shouldn't fight back. We could all cower in our comfortable corner of the world, and learn the ways of Islam. We could do as Bin Lardin wants, and train our young female children how to wear burka's....walk behind the male, not drive automobile. We could force girls to stay away from school and never speak publically.

Then we could teach them to hate Jews, Christians, Buddhists, etc.
It would save a lot of bloodshed wouldn't it?

Jay, you are not an ignorant person, but you have been consumned with hatred.

Bush Hatred is a mental disorder.

I suggest you visit a Muslim country, and look around at the hate, poverty, filth and ignorance.

Not so long ago, Mesopatania was known for mathematicians, artists, poets and charity.

Now it is the center of hatred, death, torture,racism, and vile thoughts.

Nothing good, all evil.

Which side are you on?

Hated for Bush is not a virtue or anything you can brag about to your grandchildren when you are slipping away to meet your creator....who by the way is not ALLAH.

Thanks for stopping by, I don't do much blogging anymore, it is pointless to argue with people who won't listen, who have already made their minds up....and won't listen to any more of the facts.

Enjoy your hate filled life to the fullest, and don't forget to contribute more money to

Blogger Jay said...

I agree we should fight back at the country that sent those lunatics to kill Americans on 9-11. They were from Saudi Arabia. Their families are business partners with the Bush family.

I've lived in Muslem countries. It isn't Islam that hates us, it's religious fanaticism. I've seen it here from people calling themselves Christians..yet I don't consider Christians killers.

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