Friday, June 29, 2007
Worst hairpiece Contest
$10 prize to anyone who submits a link to a picture on the web of a buffoon with a rug worse than this one, His royal drunkness from MA, the swimming Senator. Oh, I also have one of the few orginal first editions of ....."Teddy Bare" , the Last of the Kennedy Clan, by Zad Rust. (c) 1971.

It would take more than $10 for me to part with one of the most sought after....(too destroy) books in Massachusetts. MA was the birthplace of freedom, and now is the graveyard of freedoms dream. Mitt Romney for President, Elizabeth Dole for VP.

Please leave links in the comments section to pics of worse hairpeices. OK lighten up John, Kennedy started the celebration a tad to early....haven't you had a bad hair day?

I'll answer that......I have bad hair days with the few real hairs on my head....Ted the swimmer Kennedy had a bad hair piece day.

This slug has sucked up billions of dollars from the taxpayers, why can't he spend a few thousand on a good rug?


Blogger Violence Worker said...

I dunno WL, Donald Trump's is pretty bad.!


Blogger AubreyJ said...

Best Hairpiece on Worst FACE is more like it!!!
Take care WL...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you really are just about too retire, would you consider a part time job as a comedian?
I'm serious, your humour is politically uncorrectable, and you may be among the disappearing voices America should have a chance to listen too. I imagine your obvious conservative blog will soon be dropped by Google, and all of your thoughts banned from the web. Drink more kool aid america, while you limit your experience to only socialist views. Talk radio and neocon blogs will be banned in but a few years. What to do? Save, burn to CD's, hide the truth until the lazy idiots of America will listen.

Keep up the work in the trenches, but please, tone it down for awhile and save your voice for when we can speak freely again.

Many battles must be fought between today and that time, but perseverance and dedication to America will pay off, not in dollars, but in sense.

Out of here,

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