Friday, May 18, 2007
My Choice for President 2008
I am not going to disclose who I have decided to support in the 2008 election, but you can probably guess which campaign I just sent a donation to.
Here was the deciding question I asked myself.
Who would I want to be the next first lady? Or first gentleman?
Who would replace Laura Bush, who I seem to have more respect for lately than her husband.
I think about who would sleep in the nations White House with any of the (what is it?} 20 declared candidates for the presidency? Hillary? Romney? McCain? Giuliani? Obama? Biden?
You know the list, think about it? The Citizens White House has had some diverse first ladies?
Some were stark raving nutso, some conniving bitches, some lovely ladies. More good than bad in my opinion.....we have a peach of a first lady now.....WHO'S NEXT? And who would you want to be the next first lady or gentleman?


This is so simple if you have visited Sanity's Bluff a few times.

This blog is how I meet the world, and I visit other blogs to meet people.

Care to take a guess? I have something for the one who gets it right.


Blogger Jay said...

Mitt Romney?

Blogger web_loafer said...

Gosh, I must be made of glass. LOL, long time Jay, You are correct, it is Mitt Romney?
You tell me by email what month and year you were born, and I'll send you a National Geographic for that month, and a map if it came with one.
How's that diet going?

Blogger Jay said...

Oh, that's okay...all I need around my house is another magazine or book. It was a pretty easy question, knowing your views on various subjects. I think Ann Romney would make a great fist lady. Much to admire in that woman.

Blogger Violence Worker said...

Ya know, I sort of figured it was Mitt. Me, I'm looking hard at Fred.

I dunno what happened, we sorta became disconnected awhile ago although I kept your site as a recommended read.

Hope all is well WL. I'll keep in better touch!


Blogger web_loafer said...

VW, yeah, Fred has all of the qualifications except one,
A fire in his belly, a backbone to stand up and declare his Love for America and tell everyone why He is the one to lead.

Mitt, wasted no time opposing the Kennedy/Bush Amnesty bill. Not 24 hours, not a week or time enough for focus groups to meet.....

Within hours Mitt had spoken about the travesty of the Kennedy/Bush Amnesty for all illegals bill.

Something as important as this has to be addressed by those who don't wait for the CNN/WashingtonPost Poll, the Zogby poll or any other, if you don't know what to do at our nations borders....without asking some political advisor.....
You ain't presidential material. Mitt was the only one who stood up with conviction and said what I wish my president bush would say.

LOCK and SEAL THE BORDERS, Deport anyone who has used false ID to live here........confiscate all of their personal assets....fingerprint them, their illegal children, wifes, husbands, mothers, fathers, sister or brothers.....all of the illegals get out. Then if they want back in, they must knock on the door and ask permission to live in the land my ancestors shed blood for....the land of the free.......


Mitt is my choice.

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