Thursday, May 31, 2007

AND, I mean every word of that title. You wussified compassionates complain about everything you don't understand. It really gets to me. Have you no braincells left rattling around your brain? It galls me to read the blog articles about the evil of google. Without letting out any secret of the future, I must still say this.

GET A LIFE, IF YOU ARE FOCUSING ON WHAT CNN OR GOOGLE IS BROADCASTING......HEY...HEY...HEY...EXCUSE ME, excuse me, but, didn't you have the same opportunity to excel in America? There have never been limits to what a person can achieve in America, and Google is a good example, likewise Microsoft....need I go on?
Nothing American invented has ever been used against America......we are a blessed nation, and I'm getting tired of telling you why we are blessed. THINK, the world is exploding, and it isn't America's fault. We didn't start WWIII, and I'm kinda hopin' we win the war, how about you?

Oh by the way, Google is an information portal, if you don't know how to use it, don't bitch. Nothing is ever lost at google, and with screen save abilities, you can help save the information the Libbiecoms

If you need a good free screen saving function....try Gadwin PrintScreen, google it and learn a lesson in life.


Blogger otilius said...

You say "goggle", I say "google", let's call the whole thing off...

Blogger Jason said...

Who exactly is bitching about Google, and why?

Blogger web_loafer said...

Matt Drudge was bitching about Google, my apologies to you otillus, I am only a poet, not a spell checker, I have peons to spellcheck my thoughts, but they must have been asleep at the wheel.

It is a classic case of jealousy.....Matt Drudge has millions of visitors, but he is jealous of Google.

Many of my right wingnut friends bitch about Google....

You know what I do?????

I use google and enjoy it, wow, technology at it's American best. And some political idiots want to slam google for dissing them.....

My advice to my conservative friends.....get a program....they are free.....if your doctor has a different political view of the world than you.....

Would you boycott the doctor who knows you better than the next doctor you choose to visit????

Yeah, old webloafer isn't all that good with metaphores.....and can't even spell it, but.

You retentive analists....get a life. Google is great, I use google every day, and I have learned a lot...

Thanks, Google.

I mean this too, "GET OVER IT"

Catch you around jason and otilius.

Blogger otilius said...

gee, I meant it more tongue-in-cheek than some kind of slam.

if so-called leaders don't like being made fun of, they should do some actual work that helps people.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Jason, this is a sucks.

Ain't life grand. Thanks for dropping by....

Matt Drudge was focusing on Google, had many links to people scared that google is the Anti-Christ.

I mean google is a six letter word.

So google goggle's google must be the mark of the beast.

I'm off to google google....later Jason

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