Saturday, May 19, 2007

Killer from the South
On any given day, you can find an article like this on the internet. It will tear your gut out, if you love America. We have been invaded, and no one we pay to defend our borders and LEGAL CITIZENS is helping us.
The invaders, rape, steal, kill, and laugh at the 'stupid cows' of America. They say it is only a matter of time before they retake what they sold to us after they lost the war they started against Texas.
Now the decendants of the defeated nation want what they never developed into a great part of a great nation. Yes, some of them are hard workers, but no more than me and many millions of LEGAL CITIZENS.
IF you won't fight and solve this crisis now, someone like Senor Lopez will be in a policemans uniform stopping you on the highway.
HERE WE ARE ONCE AGAIN, illegals kill, and the cows of government do nothing but cower in the corner promising the killers amnesty. They laugh at our stupidity. I am sick, here we have another criminal, who waltzed over our southern border...who has killed a police officer. Shot him in cold blood, after being stopped.
28% of those in our nations prisions, are felons who invaded our society, illegally. Call me what you will, racist, homonationalist, whatever. I am sick of it, and I personally ain't gonna take it, stand up with me MEN and WOMEN of America....let's purge this wonderful country of the scum from the south.

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