Wednesday, April 11, 2007
That was a nice vacation
My experiment at the forums was unfulfilling and shallow, much like blogging, but blogging gives me the opportunity to offend and irritate more people, so



How do you want to exit?

A preacher would want to have a massive heart attack while preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.

An islamafacist would want (they sure have stupid dreams of paradise, they think God wants them to be sadistic killers, then and then only will they have the 72 virgins and paradise) to exit this life in Israel amongst young boys and girls having a birthday party, Yes, to self detonate in the most crowded corner of the café or pizza parlor.

A teacher would want to exit life teaching….whoops, wrong metaphor (union teachers do everything they can do to not teach) so a teacher would probably like to exit this life in the teachers lounge laughing about the parents who let them have their children to indoctrinate, rape, and stupify.

The garbage collector would want to exit life lifting that garbage can of yours, collapsing and leaving proof of your drunkenness, drug usage, perversion and stupidity…..right there on the street in front of your estate…..ahhhh to lift the heavy trash burden of the rich……and expose them for what they are.

The poet would like to exit with a pencil in hand or fingers on a keyboard.

The postperson (Jeez I hate having to learn a whole new way of talking just to placate the perverted feminists in the political correct jury) would like to exit near the mailbox where the bully dog lives, just to cause the owner of the dog to become, suspect, accused and liable.

The used car salesperson would like to exit in a head on with a tree when he has a politician in the car test driving it. Hopefully there is a lawyer or two in the back seat.

The lawyer would like to exit, arguing a marijuana possession case for the client in front of the judge that most lawyers know to be a pedophile.

OK, you get the drift……..

Guess how this truck driver wants to exit?


Blogger Jason said...

I take exception to your comment about union teachers. My dad taught his ass off for 30 years as a union teacher and his students still keep in touch to this day. As a vice president of his union local, he constantly fought to improve conditions in the schools, get budgets for better textbooks, elect board members who would be better for the students, and engage in charity work to let the community know that the teachers were a valuable member of the community. Before you go and take the standard ignorant party line about Union teachers, it might help if you actually knew what the hell you were talking about.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah back like a bad dream. Can't you find a ditch to drive your truck into?

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