Friday, April 20, 2007


Which two of these Americans uses botox on a monthly schedule? (That is easy, the two oldest)

Two of these three Americans, are worth over 200 million dollars. (Again, that’s easy to answer, the two with the longest stint in the high places of the USofA government, would be the richest……there is no poor Senator, no middle class Senator, no poor, struggling poor or humble Senator.) ((Do you see the trend?))

Two of these three Americans, hopes that America’s young women and men warriors lose the war against Terror…….

In fact one of these Americans declared today.(4-19-2007), that my countries finest have lost the war. Yes, he said it, America has LOST THE WAR....

Who said such a treasonous thing? Yes, you guessed it, The rich thief of Nevada said it, so I believe it. Break out the white flags…

No….no…no…Nancy, I didn’t say bring out the white fags from San Francisco…..

There I said it, sue me pervert.

Tell me oh privileged one, will there be a losers parade, because if there is going to be one, you the filthy rich Pervert Senator of Nevada…….should be in the grand marshals convertible. I can see it, your smug botoxed face trying to smile at the crowd, while George Soros is on the floorboard servicing his favorite liberal.

Your botoxed face is gloating Nancy……you filthy rich ho from San Francisco….

Yes, we have been liberated, we can use that word….to describe white skinned perverts, so I thought of you first Madim speaker.

Look at the picture, Fancy Nancy is gloating.....she knows.....or she thinks.....America's Warriors have Lost,

So sometime soon, she may be telling the pilot of USAF 1, where to go.

She most likely will want to spend more time with ones she wants to win this war…you guessed it, the perverts of Iran, Syria and San Francisco.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the blog that you have. I was wondering if you would link my blog to yours and in return I would do the same for your blog. If you want to, my site name is American Legends and the URL is:

If you want to do this just go to my blog and in one of the comments just write your blog name and the URL and I will add it to my site.


Anonymous webloafer said...

David, thanks for the visit to the Bluff, and be forewarned, Sanity's Bluff will be rockin' again.

Anonymous MeAgain said...

Have you ever played the google game?

Probably not, I invented it, to have fun.

pick a thought

A word

A something

That someone may have used to identify their blog.

Now.....add the necessary http://

to that thought, and make sure to .com the thought, and add the


You will be amazed. I often use the long forgotten blogs as an address to leave.

It really is fun, it is a mind expanding game, and it requires you to think about what other people have thought about.

Try it........

Blogger ChilledBeer said...

Conservative fucktard, shut the fuck up and get a job !!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree w/chilledbeer. You're an utter and complete asshole. If you're so patriotic and in favor of the war, then go fight. Get on a plane, travel to Iraq, and fight. Show your pride. Prove that the war is favorable and being won. Go. I might even chip in for the ticket.

Blogger Jason said...

Come on people, try to be nice. It's got to be tough defending 6 years of failure and the massive loss of life due to the lies of an inept president. I'm sure that if we were in his position, we would find it much easier to ignore the facts and lash out with personal attacks than to just admit that we've been wrong. Or maybe not.

Anonymous coolbeans said...

This kind of political vomiting is tired and idiotic.

Blogger Michael Y said...

I have more recently been concerned by the lack of lower economic classes in higher political offices. We should certainly make a stronger effort to include all classes, whether or not we're comfortable with their economic status.

Anonymous webloafer said...

Michael Y.

Yes, you have waded through all of the hatred and vitirol, and have left a great comment.

I wish there was a least one truck driver in the Senate, one Baker, one candlestick maker.

One teller from a bank, one.....

Well you and I are on the same wavelink.

I always visit the websites of people who visit here, and leave decent albeit even different opinions.

I don't follow the hate....backwards to the source, I already know the source, it is those that won't be in the heavenly matter how loud they beg, plea or threaten God.

And checking out your blogs, I must say, I'll be back.

The flute boxing utube you posted in March of this year is great, let me tell you why. It is jazz, flute jazz. Don't even care if the fluteplayer has a degree or working for one in music......

The music was good.

Catch you around.

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