Saturday, April 28, 2007
Nothing but words
Don't have time to add pictures to this post for the literally impaired. Here is a shared comment, I shared it at an article about the islamataxidrivingfilthmongers who are now demanding foot washing facilities at the local airport. (Personally, I wouldn't be upset if the taxpayers had to provide showers and soap for these dirty taxicab drivers, and you probably wouldn't either)

But to demand public foot washing facilities.......give me a break, why should America bow to every whim of it's enemies?

Don 't know about you, but if you have been in Saudia Arabia lately, did you see one act of friendship for Christians, or Jews? When will you wuses wake up? Probably not before you get us all killed....beheaded. I am almost as sick of the liberal Americans as I am of the ones who want to kill us all... Maybe we could strike up a deal.......we won't fight to protect the liberals in Hollysmutswood, the perverts in the ivory towers of journalism, or the ones who have no job, never sought one, but have all day to complain and protest and......well, you get my drift.

Those non-Americans don't deserve to have someone fighting for their freedom.

Not the fine boys and girls of the farmers and truckdrivers of America.

Let the liberals fight the fight they ignore, and when the enemy is feasting on the heads of Hollywood, the real Americans will find the victors of that easy fight, and then we'll whip the ones who took over the non-American part of America.

To those that won't fight or hate those fighting for them..........

Get 'em first islasafacists.....they are easy targets......they may have a few body guards......but when the body guards see you coming.........they'll hightail it and you can have Hollywood, Washington D.C. and Boston, San Francisco and Berkely without a fight......for cowards are cowards even if they are hiding behind a PEACE MOVEMENT. Cowards all, and hopefully all gone'All Gone'


KCI is a great airport.

I have flown out of and into it many times. (Pilots like flat ground) and now that I know the 7th century tyrants with 21st century lawyers have demanded foot washing facilities in my local airport.....

I will make sure I enjoy my Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato sandwich on the way to the airport, and make an effort to spit in the holy foot water of islam.

I think Kansas City was a poor choice for the iSLAMaFACISTS to stir up more trouble.

Wake up my beloved nation,

Your enemies, the enemies that want to live in your house* after they behead you, your wife/husband, torture your dog, rip the bacon out of the meat compartment in your 'fridge' and secretly drink the booze of your bar, the booze that allah hated**, those enemies you refuse to acknowledge, are your enemies. Must I explain to you what an enemy is? When the battle rages there is no time to ask you to choose sides, do it now.

Live free or live in bondage to islam……..your enemies.

Those same perverts will trample your family picture folder in the ground that they bow down to satan on. They will rip the pictures of your grandfather or grandmother off of the walls of the house you haven't even finished paying for.....

Sorry, I got upset......

Bring it on uneducated yet driving cabbies from Somalia....or any of the other nations that are invading my country....but remember, there are still some God fearing, Jesus His son loving and hard working truck drivers on the roads. I am one, and when the battle starts........don't raise the flag of islam on MY HIGHWAYS. We own the highways and the overpasses.

I will not walk through the stinking water of islam. I prefer to bathe or shower with good clean American hot water, and American soap.....SOAP???....try it some time future human bomb, a good warm shower with lots of soap is better than the future your own parents want you to have.

Tell me now………

Is there anything, ANYTHING… would want your daughter or son to become a bomb for?????

No really, isn’t there some injustice, some diss or some insult to your religion, that would make you want to make a bomb out of your child?

See, you just ain’t spiritual enough. All of allah’s children would give up their children to become bombs, just to kill YOU.

And the funny thing is that one of the only baths the youngster bombs take, is the one where the bombs parents, completely shave male or female future bomb and bathe them while telling them over and over about the 72 virgins awaiting them.

If they took a little time to practice personal hygiene and teach it to their children, airplanes would not smell as bad.

I don't have time to explain what soap is to the perverts of islam. But suffice it to be said, "yes I like BLT's but sometimes after eating the delicious sandwich, I must need wash my hands. I don't wash my hands for religious reasons.....they were probably dirty. I wash for hygienic reasons, the addicts of islam wash for religious reasons.

Just keep your stinking foot water out of airports I use.

*filthy unwashed, uneducated, unkind and hopelessly anti-life perverts of humanity want to live comfortably too. They are tired of the smelly tents, caves and mosques of islam, and your house would be a mansion to the lazy ones of islam…….

** LOL, Allah a teetotaler? Look at all of allahs slaves, and tell me, IF you were a god, and had the smelly goat herders loving and praising you? what would be your choice of liquid refreshment?

These losers of islam and losers of living, need education, but they won’t listen to anyone else, Allah is ALL. These same losers of islam are beheading, raping, and torturing thousands of human beings in almost every nation upon this earth. They need a bath also.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hatred shows up in many forms. This is pure hatred. We can all live together. What is one little foot washing area to you?

Anonymous billy said...

We may own the highways, but we've leased out an awful lot of them to overseas companies...

Anonymous webloafer said...

Billy, billy BILLY,

Your blog rocks, but give me a few decades to understand all of it.

Thanks for the visit and comment.

Hey folks visit Billy's website.

OK, there it is done.

The last two readers of Sanity's Bluff, are now soaking up Bad Boy Billy's Blog.


Don't blame anyone for jumping....

Check Billy's Blog out.

And if you learn anything, please add it to the comments here at the Bluff..........

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