Tuesday, February 20, 2007
Seven minutes
This 7 minute video hosted at youtube....is worth waiting for the download, or stream, and thinking......it is not music most people can hear.........it takes passion, truth and bravery to watch the truth as it will be presented in the future.

Wake up now slug,
Nothing needs to be explained to those with a brain
Go back to sleep now..and pull out your prayer rug
Your cowardice now will bring your children pain.

He or She who is not smart enough to know who their enemy is
An enemy that takes no prisioners, slits the throats of gays, prostitutes, movie stars, journalists and politicians......before it starts to work on the Baptists.......garbage men/women or truckdrivers. I guarentee you, no American truck driver brought the hatred of Islam down upon America.......and those way, way down on the throatslitting list of the monkeys of islam.....will settle the problem of the globe that all of us live on......once and for all...
But it will be nice to see America's Enemies getting rid of America's enemies.

If you ain't smart enough to get what I just said....email me for an explanation.



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