Sunday, February 11, 2007
Is there anyone at the helm??????

This is the face of a brave man before he was brutally beaten
by Georgie Bush's minions in a federal prison in Yazoo, MS.

Every loser in a federal court case....gets bail offered if he or she is convicted and there is an appeal.....not in this case......Bush's Justice Dept. tried to kill this man.....why? Follow the money and you will see Bushies buddy Sutton and other close coherts of Bushie getting back at two border patrol agents who dared interupt the flow of drugs across the wide open borders...north to America....yes it is abou Money.....yes money.....blood drug money.....

Am I wrong? I doubt it, but if you follow the facts in this affair.....and seek the truth, you will probably end up in a Federal Prison with bootprints on your face....beaten while guard are told to let happen.....and if you survive that beating you still won't live much longer.

Unless we overthrow this corrupt regime....two border soldiers will die in federal prisons...oh but we are used to that..

Ruby this....and who knows what other citizens got in the way of the almighty Clinton/Bush mafia.......snd are pushing up lilies......????????

He was in federal prison for? Guess....he was there for Doing his duty.

He was brutally attacked by six thugs from federal know....the average Federal prisoner who raped, killed, sold drugs or beat senseless a citizen of the nation, George
bush Has forsaken

When will ignoramus Bush start doing his job??? Yes the man I voted for twice, had his friends, (the illegal aliens) waylay this American, and beat him senseless. We are not going to forget this Bushie W. You are the worst president of America's History....yeah you did a few good things, but weighed in the balance you are a failure, not only that, you are allowing good Americans to suffer.....there is blood on your hands Yale boy.....did you have someone video the stomping of this your drug runners.....?

OH, Georgie you think that you will retire in comfort and luxury......If justice is served in this should retire.......and spend the rest of your life in the federal penitentary at Yazoo a cell with a 300 pound gayboy.

Yes it is me webloafer...finally coming to the conclusion.....I've been wrong.....America is not served well by GW Bush.......and it would have been no better if Juan Carrie had been elected....what we really needed in the white house is some mentally deranged idiot like Algore.....he would have been so worried about the weather and whether his beanie cap has a good spinner on it, he could not have messed things up like the idiot from Texas........................

The idiot in chief won't let our soldiers fight in Iraq....and the same idiot in chief lets millions of lawbreakers stream across MY BORDERS, and when a good border soldier does his job...bushie lets him be railroaded to prison, so that his buddies can collect a little more tribute before he retires on my dime to his Texas ranch.

If the above pictured hard working American had of had the protection you have....Bushi....his face would not have boot marks on it today.....and we will not forget..

The Deadline, Mr. idiot in Valentines Day....if MY border patrol agents are not pardoned....their defense and court costs reimbursed in full before Valentines Day.....You will be impeached Mr. Bush.....You, Mr. President have made it impossible for me to be a Republican anymore.....

When I think about all of the trillions....yes trillions of dollars you have recklessly spent....(My children and Grandchildren will not be able to work enough to pay their taxes and my social security.) in a reckless and probably unlawful manner, yes the....debt....indenture....slavery......those are three words that will be used when the Islamic Clerics write about the American still living in the USofA, under Sharia Law....and not enjoying it.

If I am still living when America is no longer more than a footnote of history....

I will personally visit your presidential library and have a unfortunate bout of stomach flu and leave you a message on the marble floors....of your library......can you say diarrhea? George?


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