Saturday, February 10, 2007
Sometimes I feel like a nut......sometimes I long for squirrel stew.

For some reason, I can't edit any blog articles of my

Sanity's Bluff.....So I am trying to add a comment.

It is probably is because Google is doing a lot of tweaking to its popular

Yeeeaah, Google.mon You are smart enough to figure that one out…mon…is money……

.mon should be a gift from America to the Google People, a personal . dot. For them…..and them only. I bet within a few years…. DOT.MON would be the king of bandwidth.

OK jealous idiot, name me one company that has helped more people in the last 8 years than Google? Can you fathom how many people find what they want, by using google to search for those wants.

Google. Yes, the founders of Google and me…have different views on many things...

But slowly and carefully listen up as I tell you....
Google is an American Success Story,
Who cares who the founders of Google vote for in 2008?
I don't nor won't.....I like their is not a political company, it is a people helping company.....and

My hat is off to the geniuses of Google.....

As with anyone whose dream of success brings riches.....they have another win.
Those that didn't or couldn't do the hard work necessary to be sucessful, and are the ones who complain about the rich as they sit on thier couch and watch American Idol.
They are nothings, nobodies. yet they have the time complain about the rich.....who worked and worked to ACCOMPLISH THEIR DREAM......

The only words I have for you?
Back off lazy person.......
Google is the greatest invention of the late 1900's andwill probably be the most influencial and helpful invention used of the 2000's.

Yes, I'm a conservative........but I love Google, and will defend their right to bring any knowledge to anyone at anytime.....until my death.

Long live Google


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