Friday, February 09, 2007
Ever wonder why I prefer to use USofA, and not USA?

The above was only the second email I have ever sent to the President of the USof A, and the reply is an internet carbon copy...I mean....With only a few thousands of people on the Presidents PERSONAL staff, they don't have the to think about a truck driver from Kansas...

My heart felt email was brought up on the screen on a computer monitor, with a young intern with directions.....unless the email starts off praising, (ass kissing) the on reply and the peon who sent the email will get a lovely FORM EMAIL....

Screw you Presie, and cloned idiots and willing slaves to idiotic and treachery.

Not much comment is needed, but I have never been more afraid for the future of the USofA, then I am today!
This experiment in freedom is in it's last days. America cannot survive without a bloody revolution....and there is no one with any guts anymore except the fine young people volunteering to fight the battles of the cowards. Cowards like John F'ing Kerry, Ted Kennedy and John Murtha....yes....they are cowards all....must I give the whole list. Even soldiers, sailors, marines and flyboys can be cowards....John Murtha is Coward Number One in the USofA!

Yes it was close, John Kerry the traitor, has lied about my country and the ones defending it, more, yes much more....then anyone.

But in a close second place in broadcasting lies, is John the Mother from PA,
because he was a marine once..not anymore in my taxpaying, hardworking citizens mind..he is a filthy turncoat...turning for money...or maybe because someone has photos and witnesses to his debauchery..Yes Murtha turned on his nation when told to by those with videotapes, taperecordings, and emails....

A turncoat Marine....let me clear my throat before I say this that has to be said.....

A turncoat Marine is the ultimate stab in lady liberty's back....scum like JM, JK, I don't need to go on.

Ever wonder why I prefer to use USofA, and not USA?


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