Saturday, February 10, 2007

Do you realize what Sanity's Bluff is becoming? OK let me Louisiana this....
I am using the world wide......ah web in a way no one has ever used it, in an effort to smoke out the that some of us peons of America will have a few minutes to kick back and enjoy America...................

HEY, I ain't a dummy...I know there are not enough real Americans to fight the upcoming battle...oh many real Americans...(the ones with guns, bullets and a steady hand) want to win, but look around you friends with America on your mind......Those that live in and love America are outnumbered by the foreigners who walzted across our border, and well you know the rest. No real American would let this happen.....but it is......

If we won't fight the invaders of America......what will become of the nation God Blessed?

I know the answer, you do too, but you are too lazy to do anything about sit in you Lazy Boy Recliner while America is being conquered without a fight. Oh you think you are redneck enough to get up during the commercials to fight.....You slug....You pig.....You sit on your couch watching football games while the country your daughters and sons will have to grow up being really is already overtaken.

OK lets talk about tomorrow.....what are you doing today to secure your childrens future.....if you won't get off of the couch...turn off the football game, and just listen to the world around will is too late.

On a personal note.....if you are wearing an Oakland Raiders Ballcap backwards on your head with no imputed knowledge, when you come begging for shelter and food....I'll Shoot first before questioning you.

why don't we just nuke ourselves and then what would the world have to hate? The Clintons and other Socialists have not a good word to say about know...the ones who worked this country into greatness....

No, it wasnt' the lazy, criminal, crooked thieiving Democrats that made or maintained this nations greatness.....look around.....when has a Democrat said a good thing about the fallen?

They don't have a clue as to the fallen, the are too busy hating Bush and helping my family's is almost a tossup.....who would I most despise ruling America....the islamafacists or Democrats?????

Yeah, if we could destroy America....
1. What would Europe do when they needed someone to do the necessary bloodletting to win a war?
2. What would Cuba do?
3. What would Mexico do?
4. Who would protect the oil perverts of Saudi Arabia?
5. Yes Bin Laden....What would you do?
6. Could South Korea keep the hungry soldiers from North Korea away from their daughters?
8. WHAT would Africa do? Could AIDS be conquered?
9. What would they do in Baghdad?
10. What would you do.....if you somehow escaped the destruction of America and were drifting in the sea....a mile off of the Cuban coast?
11. Yes, would you trade all of the above scenario for a boat landing near Havana?


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