Friday, January 12, 2007
San Fransicko
If you are a young man with a good voice, good manners and good personal hygiene, and if you are smart enough to be accepted at Yale University, and are a member of the a cappella group, the Bakers Dozen, here is how Nancy Bologna's San Fran-Sicko treats you. Pictured here is a young man who was kicked in the face while on the sidewalk, by 6 or 7 of SanFran's good citizens, who were not brought up on charges. BECAUSE? Well I for one want to know why a brutal assault on a young man by six or seven people is not considered a crime in SF. My advice? Never again visit SF, or buy any of the products they produce, and join me in not forgetting about this vicous liberal SF beating of Choir Boys.
If any of my readers are old enough to remember the hit song.....'If you're going to San Francisco?'
Here is the 2007 version......

If you’re going to San Fran-sicko
Be sure to wear a helmet for your head
If you’re going to San Fran-sicko
You’re gonna meet some vicious street punks there

For those who come to San Fran-sicko
Anytime can be a hate affair
In the streets of San Fran-sicko
Hateful people with blankness in their stare

All across the nation, such a sick sensation
Perverts in motion / Gangsters in motion
There’s a whole generation with minds on vacation
Pelosi and Newsome/No decent emotions

For those who come to San Fran-sicko
Be sure to keep a can of mace somewhere
If you come to San Fran-sicko
Get patriotic and drama will appear.

If you come to San Fran-sicko
Dress up like frats and you will meet the rats.

If you’re going to San Fran-sicko
You are stuck on stupid.

My updated version (C)2007 web_loafer

San Fran-sicko?

I didn’t think of it first,

It is the way the smartest and most civil resident of San Francisco, California

Refers to the city on the bay.

I am talking about Michael Savage. If you have never been introduced to Michael, please find a radio station he is on, and take an hour, just listen to one hour of the Savage Nation, and you will realize what America is missing…….more men like Michael Savage.

But I warn you, you will want to listen to more. Michael Savage is San Francisco’s unrespected poet laureate, and should be Speaker of the House of Representatives before that phony Nancy Bologna. Nancy is not worthy to talk in the same conversation as Michael Savage. A lame brain for House speaker, you may think it is only politics on my part, but I have listened to Nancy Bologna, and she is stupid, rich, powerful, and cannot put together cognizant speech. Yes, she has great speech writers, but she is stupid. Stuck on Stupid.

Listen to an hour of Michael Savage, and you will want to listen to more.

If you can stay awake for ten minutes of the ‘speaker’???? of the citizens house, you will wonder how God could have stacked up so much stupid in one place.

One more parting thought about San Fran-sicko,

San Fran? God knows what goes on in that beautiful city, filled with the ugliest of ugly.

When you slap God in the face and say to God, "You didn’t know what you were
doing God, when you made man and woman….Take this God, Man and Man….what do
you think about that God? Or how about this….woman and woman? Or how about this….pedophile and young boy, or girl.

a good report about the incident

I know most of you have never seen a person high on cocaine, watch as Mayor Nuisance of San Francisco talks to reporters between toots and hoots.

My friends, here is what may happen to you if you wear a blazer, are young, have a good voice and are being schooled at Yale University……

If the choir you sing with, goes to San Fransicko.


Anonymous Mike McGann said...

Geez. Why not just join the Klan or Nazi party and be done with it?

Clearly, you have some issues if Michael Savage is your idea of a great American — he is nothing but a hatemonger.

I have to infer, further, that you may have some deep-seated issues regarding your sexuality, as we've seen in recent weeks about right-wing gay bashers who turn out to be gay themselves.

Maybe a little (or a lot of) therapy is in order here.

Blogger web_loafer said...

I stand by every thing in this post. Michael Savage is more of a man than you. Smarter, a better communicator, and probably better looking, just a guess. He has more compassion in his pinkie than you have in your whole being. You don't know hate, because you are hateful. The hateful have no right to call others hateful.

In other words punk, shove off, we are getting tired of those ruining our country....hear me?

The day is coming when you put up for America or Shut up.

You probably are a sponge, not a fountain of knowledge like Michael Savage.

And you probably haven't listened to the Savage Nation, you just got your talking points from the toilet of America....liberalism..

How about that?

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