Wednesday, January 10, 2007
My heart bleeds for our Fighting Men and Women
What must it be like to be fighting those that want us dead, to see how the Democrats are acting today? To be in Iraq or any of the other places around the world, that we are fighting terrorists, and to hear that the dems will pull the support rug out from under your feet, and not want you to have comrades in arms to boost your fighting ability.

It almost makes me want to suggest bringing our brave men and women home, let the Democrats have their way.

I know whose hands would be bloody when hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of Iraqiis are murdered.

Bring them home to the borders, screw New York City, Washington D.C. and San Francisco, let them fight terrorism using the police forces they have. I am tired of the traitors of the Democratic Party, and am paying close attention to those that want us to lose the war, just to spite Bush. You liberal democrats are sick puppies, but your day is coming.

I live in Kansas, the enemy will start the battle here in the USofA, in New York, Marthas Vineyard, San Francisco or Seattle.
Let the liberal cities of America do the fighting.


Anonymous Charlotte said...

My daughter is a medic in the Army deployed to Iraq. I just want her and all of the troops home!

Blogger web_loafer said...

Charlotte, your daughter is one of those included in my prayers, and I want this war over, but there must be victory first. Americans must either park their cars, planes and boats.... and bicycle or walk everywhere, or keep the free flow of oil from the middle east. That is the bottom line friend. Call it what you may, but we can't critize until we give up all use of middle east oil.

There is also to be considered, where do we fight the islamafacists that want all of us dead? Peoria, or Iraq? I know a lot of people laugh at that question, but we will have to battle islam until either freedom or the slavery of islam wins. Deny it, you can, but you are a target for death. Someone wants you dead, and your family. And it sure isn't the Southern Baptist's.

How come people cannot see that?
And your precious daughter is caught up in the battle, even as a medic....

I pray for her and all those overseas.

Thanks for dropping by,

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