Sunday, January 07, 2007
Haven't blogged for awhile....busy
And here is one reason.....TORMENTED
I am not giving up on 'The Bluff'....but I have been spending a lot of time at a forum, a closed forum, where people that like each other share thoughts.....from Scotland, USofA and Austrailia.

You want more info, email me, and

I do want to direct you to a new blog of mine......

The blog is is a record of some of the writings of mine before I started driving truck for a living.

Trucking almost certainly saved my life. Yes, the wisest thing I ever did, was to leave the rock and roll band, drugs, wanton women, booze and California...and started driving truck....

It would seem like a stupid choice to outsiders looking in, (give up center stage, lead singer, singing my songs, while couples danced, and young ladies looked lustfully at all of us in the band) but Thank God I fell in love with the highway and left Sodom and Gormorha behind me....

I left California.....and won't go back.....or look back.....

OK, Now...Tormented


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