Saturday, February 24, 2007
Dancing in Chico, California.
Even with personal insights and criticisms, this is a great video….and I like watching it occasionally just to make me aware of how music and politics should never be mixed. And if they are….watch out…..Does America need politics mixed with music….?

Could America survive without bullets and bombs; with only music….?
How would this song 'Don’t Stop"… to keep us free? What if we sing about tomorrow while there are people plotting the death of us all.

I always thought that a better Fleetwood Mac song for Bill Clinton's nomination party,should have been this one.

That is what happened......not that President Clinton was the first or the last President to lie to the American people.....but he did a fair amount of lying.

Even this beautiful musical moment was a lie. Here we see the lip synched phony version of Fleetwood Macs ‘Don’t Stop’, as presented at William Jefferson Clintons Nomination Party. This was a very good Hollywood presentation, but it was not live was all straight out of the can….except for a few cut ins….it was a song millions had heard, and it still sounded good with the few add ons…….watch the video.

For presentations sake I still like to watch it, it is history…and look carefully you’ll see Michael Jackson when he still had a nose, on stage with a large assortment of RICH LOSERS.

Yes, Bill Clinton won, but did America win?

Yes this was a moment of historical importance; the music flowed freely as the caught ups, and lip syncers of yesterday’s hippie music had a stage again for a few fleeting moments……Enjoy this great moment with me again….it was a great moment, and you will see a cast of characters that will not go away.

I have always liked the music of Fleetwood Mac.

As a California made fan of Fleetwood Mac, I hated to see what was transpiring on stage with Bill Clinton and one of my favorite musical groups. I saw in person Fleetwood Mac in the early 1970’s, while Ronald Reagan was governor of California, and I was as liberal as one can be, at that time.

My memories of that night will not fade…..there was the Mac, on stage with more musical instruments then a college marching band had….well maybe not that many, but there were banjos, guitars of all size and shapes, a big upright bass, drums setups, Bongos and what we called Congo’s, flutes, saxophones, and various blocks of osage orange, cowbells, triangles and tambourines, with real silver, and two keyboards.

IF only I could take you back to that place that time…

You would have enjoyed it too.


Blogger BrettBum said...

Hmmm What about the Star Spangled banner and every marching song you ever heard.

Seems to me that songwriters have been inspiring people for thousands of years, but a catchy tune can definitely be used to stir people one way or another and so music and politics and war will always be linked at the hip.

Nothing different than the songwriters of the 60's and 70's from folk artists to CCR.

Nothing different from the swing, and jazz music of the 30's and forty's both used in their own ways as propaganda, but even more so all the propoganda war movies that came out of both Germany and the US during WWII. Musicals too were rife with politics, war and music.

Regardless the question isn't whether music belongs or not, it always has. The question should be who is behind the song and are they credible? The second question should be regardless of the writer is there an important truth to be learned or communicated in the lyrics.

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