Saturday, December 02, 2006
More tragedy from Mexico
DUI illegal kills Marine….
g00g1 e those four words and learn.

If you have an open mind, It will amaze and educate you. ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX are ignoring the tragic event that happened Thanksgiving evening.

Here is a link to the story.

I won’t ignore this ever inceasing problem, and you shouldn’t. Think about the suffering family, that lost a son, a MARINE, because George Bush, Bill Clinton, George Bush, Ronald Reagan and Jimmied Carter would not protect our borders.

Most of the crime in America is being committed by illegal aliens from all over the world. America is a law abiding nation for the most part, the illegals are committing most of the crime, and it is easy to prove. Of course you don’t hear a peep from the MSM, mean spirited media, about the gangsters, thug, drunks, perverts and sex offenders, flooding our nation, because we need gardeners and such.

Help me keep this issue in sight. And rich slob, you should do your own landscaping……yes you heard me, you and your rich buddies are responsible for tragedies like this. This drunk killer was a ‘landscaper’……do your own landscaping. This should never have happened, and the blood is own your hands politicians and businessmen and women, who think more of profit than America.

It is quite clear that no one in government, law enforcement or business is going to do anything about this crime wave of illegal aliens. Who does that leave to solve this problem? People, we need to blog about it, call our elected representatives and Senators, our mayor, our local paper or radio station. Laws?

What laws? is the attitude of the tresspassers in my nation.

When people are allowed by government to break into your house, do not expect them to treat your belongings with respect. The killers of our fine Marines, wifes, husbands, daughters, mothers and fathers should have been shot at the border as far as I am concerned. You like America, help kick the scum out, and then we can let them apply for permission to come work here. The tragic killing of this Marine and his female companion happened because some rich person needed someone to make their lawn beautiful. It may have even been Now Elect Senator Webb’s gardener.


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