Saturday, November 04, 2006
Will we ever fight for these cowards again?
Here is a angry comment I left at a Euro Blogger. I won't link to it, this is my reply.

Here is insight into what the ungrateful eurocowards are thinking, and I'm gonna tell you what I'm thinking: we wasted a lot of blood, keeping europe free, and now look at what the europerverts are blogging.

Blog....he/she/heshe/it/whatever.............insults those that kept them free, and it is about time someone stood up to these ungrateful perverts.

People over here (IN AMERICA) could care less what you think. Because you would be speaking German, without America. To continue reading


Blogger James Wolfenstein said...

You (not really you but... anyway) are not fighting for nobody's freedom. I don't know where the f**k you get that idea. In fact, every step in the direction of "freedom fighting" is taking another freedom from you.
Go and check the latest legislations, read the Constitution and cry. The Bill of right is being taken down amendment by amendment. Land of the free? No more. Home of the brave? The brave would be fighting to defend his freedom, his rights, his Constitution.
"Will you ever fight for these cowards again?" Please don't.

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