Thursday, November 16, 2006
Old Joke of Mine.

Young Ahbuhr was pressured by his parents to become a martyr for Allah. His parents helped him into his explosive belt and sent him on his way to kill as many infidels as he could. Ahbuhr found a pizza shop where over thirty Jewish boys and girls were having a birthday celebration. “I am on my way to paradise and the 72 virgins” he thought as he set the explosives off.

But at the entrance to paradise, there were no young virgins to meet him, he was perplexed…..there was only an elderly man who extended his hand with something in it as if to give it to Ahbuhr. Ahbuhr let the man drop the contents of his hand into his, and could not believe what the old man had given him….

He stood there perplexed looking at the handful of raisins.

The man broke the silence, and said…”Well here they are”

"What do you mean?" Ahbuhr inquired.

"Here's the raisins…."

"Huh?"….Ahbuhr was perplexed.

"72 raisins."

"But...what about the virgins…………?"

"Huh? OHH...Too bad your hearing was so bad sonny……it was 72 raisins, not 72 virgins."

(First published in 2004 at an obscure forum, by ‘humble’ who now writes under the name webloafer.)


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