Friday, November 10, 2006
Office Assistant

Here is a picture of my baby......still running after 17 years. Recently I decided to sell it, and listed it for sale at a mere fraction of the original price, ($8,499 before taxes, monitor and mouse not included.) I mean, like we are talking almost $10,000 worth of slightly used computer equipment. The CPU has only been dropped twice, and I got most of the cat spray smell off of the mouse. I listed it at a bargain basement price of $1,999. That's a saving of over $8,000. After running the ad in several papers for several months, I am still waiting for a call, life is so cruel.


Blogger Thao said...

That is funny. Well as funny as jokes about suicide can possibly be. I hate that office assistant but that addin may come in handy one day. Especially if this job of mine doesn't get any better.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Thanks thao, for laughing.

Sometimes laughter is the only thing that keeps me sane.
(I know, I know, that my sanity is still debatable.....that is what sanity's bluff is all about}

Catch you around young lady, sorry my generation messed the world up so much for you. More on that later, but it boils down the the selfishness of the baby boomers.

We have failed the future.

Anonymous Peace Moonbeam said...

Now that's funny!

Anonymous Anita said...

I've always thought the clippy should give messages like that, or at least more humorous. People get so mad at the thing that it would be better if it at least injected a little humor.

Speaking of which, if you have any thoughts on how I can make my site better (Say No to Crack) I'd love the thoughts. I'm new to the whole blogging thing and just want to brighten people's day with some silly humor and such.


Anonymous J.A. said...

Come on, we all have had someone near and dear who has committed suicide. What ever possessed you to bring up this subject in laughter?

Anonymous Pinoy Stupid said...

I thought it was for real. Hahaha. Made me laugh.

Anonymous Davido said...

Thanks for the laugh. In these frightful days, we could all use a good laugh.

Blogger Rache said...

I hate that damned paperclip helper thing, turning him off in Word is always my first task when I go to a new computer.

Happy C&C Monday :)

Blogger Jane said...

Well, that is hysterical. I can not STAND that little paper clip. I delete it every time.
Thanks for the laugh

Anonymous prying1 said...

So that is why the suicide note! - Checked Ebay and none available or sold recently to check against.

Anonymous Say No to Crack said...

I'm confused ... why does the paper clip keep showing up at the top? I was trying to comment on your very attractive Tandy

Blogger Anthony Lemons said...

Hello there Web, great to see ya again. Funny post.

Blogger web_loafer said...


You must have visited the bluff, just as I was rearranging things.

One of the neat features of blogspot blogs is that you can easily arrange your front page...(the image that shows up on the web, when your url is selected) The first page is important and I try to rearrange it to attact readers, and commenters.

You blog is great, and getting better,

This is not the apex of blogs, but I do know a few tricks.

Hopefully we'll have more time to share blog hints......

I am coming down from the election adrenalin.....

Catch you later.

Those computers went for a pretty penny back in the day. That must be from the early 1990's, which you said it was 17 years old.
My computer I have now has a much larger processor and a paid a very small fraction of the price listed in the ad. LOL

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