Saturday, November 18, 2006
The MSM (mean spirited media), and the TRUTH

I am sharing a few pictures from a power point presentation sent to me by a very special friend of 44 years. It was a power point presentation file, and I don't have anywhere to host the MSPP file, but if you want to see more, Email me and I'll send you the is 1MB. The MSM, (mean spirited media) would never show this side of America. So be it, they are digging a grave for the 'old media' and I'll be more than happy to shovel dirt to bury the MSM. I imagine the war would have been over by now, if it were for the traitors, leftists, commies, islamafacists, and John Murtha.


Anonymous Terri said...

wow.. how blasphemous.. Jesus Christ and the American G.I.??!!!

How can a human even dare to compare himself? Christ was a man of PEACE and LOVE who encouraged humans to shun the governments and war! He would never kill another human!

Blogger web_loafer said...

These are pictures from a war zone terri, I only share them, I didn't take them.

I see nothing blasphemous about the comments. It was not a comparison, it was stated fact, and it is true, although I would hasten to add, policemen,and firemen to the mix, of people who put their lifes on the line for others. It is a fact. It is not blasphemous to point out that not many will risk anything for anyone. I wonder why they even try, with all the backstabbers and idiots who know nothing about the dangers the civilized world faces. Perhaps you should try to understand those standing in the gap for you. Personally, I wish they all come home and let the fat, lazy citizens stave off the hordes of islam. They are coming. Who do you want standing between you and the throat slitters?

Arlington National Cementary is the place where thousands of soldiers are buried......ones that died for you and me. There was nothing spiritual about their death, it is all physical. I like living free.

These pictures illustrate the frustration of our warriors, when the media is constantly belittling, lying about, and ignoring the good things they do, they get frustrated.

Most people know what these pictures represent, and the emotions behind them.

They are great examples of what our warriors face.

So, take up your argument with the soldiers, not me.

Blogger phred said...

Jesus said, '' Greater love hath no man, than to lay down his life for another ''.

Blogger Kevin said...


Blogger AubreyJ said...

Very nice, WL...
Very... very nice.

Anonymous Charlotte said...

Awesome post. Thank you!

Mom of soldier.

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