Wednesday, November 29, 2006
More thoughts about giving thanks.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.
Wow, I just used two of my favorite words in the opening sentence of this humble blog article.
Thanksgiving and Holiday.
All of us know what Thanksgiving is, but do we know what a holiday is? Nice word, holiday, maybe it even has something to do with Holy? Let’s play semantics 2006. Can you tell me what a holiday means?

I enjoy Roget’s Thesaurus, it is one of my most available books. I have more books than a brigade of beagles has fleas, but even in my disorganized life*, I know where God, Webster and Roget are in print in my disorganized library.

Come on now, how organized could a truck driver be?....Think, you rhodes scholars, and nobel prize associates and all other overeducated dunces of reality (ha ha..i slipped a joke in on you, and you didn't crack a smile). When has europe ever been noble? When have you ever done something noble?

Forget noble lets talk more about organized.
If you drove 40 tons of America down Americas IKEways, for 400 miles each work organized could you be? I don't complain about my fate, I just do it, I'm an American Truck Driver....and America invented trucking, flying and WINNING WARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I drive truck, I don't have much time to do more than that, just spend 12 hours a day working, and a few more hours getting to work, getting back home from work and unwinding from the stress the bad drivers of America cause me. Oh, then I have a few hours to squeeze some enjoyment into my life, get a few hours sleep, and go back and do it all over again.

Saturday is the day I have to accomplish things, but I'm so old, I can't get much done.

Sunday, is the Lord's Day, and there is not enough time to worship my God and have any time left to do chores.

I love to open up Roget's to a random page and read.

You can learn a lot about the English Language from a good Thesaurus. Sometimes I look up a word just to see what words are near the word I am thinking about, you know….the neighborhood the word is from.

Today, I went to Roget’s and looked up ‘holiday’, and found these words on the same page as holiday. Homage, nice word isn’t it? Also on the same page was HOLY.


OK, that is a Godly word, forget about that word, but what about the other words?

Here is a partial list.
holus bolus and one of my favorites words that I didn’t have a clue as to how to spell until I ventured to Roget’s…….
So the word holiday has some strange page fellows.
More than fright, and on the same page is a frightenng word, YES, a word that should frighten us all……….
Think now....abcdefg....we are toast now disagree.

The word is................psst....psssst, don't tell no one, holocaust.


Hey you stupid Americans wake up, there is a holocaust being planned for you at this very moment. When the little hitler of iran can spout out his venom….that Israel will soon cease to exist, and then America will cease to exist……and no one does anything to stop his nuclear bomb making…..
well a home schooled 4 year old could figure out what needs to be done next.

BUT why can’t the stupid graduates of America’s government schools figure it out?
Yes, government schooled drones of America, haven’t a clue about history, arithmetic, morality or manners, but they are everywhere.
Every one of them has heard little hitlers spewage of hatred, but it doesn’t register in their dope and liberal damaged minds.

But, I know just what is happening.

The little hitler of iran, wants me dead, and most of the people around me are too ignorant to realize America is in danger.

They will stand in line for days to get first chance at a GAME, but haven’t a clue about REALITY.

Oh little hitler didn’t just slip up and say it once, he shouts it out to crowds larger than the crowd at a super bowl, and the mostly young boys, lift their arms in the nazi salute. When this speech I talk about is repeated over and over again, by people who are dedicated to a killing everyone who disagrees with them, YOU SIT ON YOUR COUCH AND HUSH IT OUT OF YOUR MIND. YOU SIT BACK AND IGNORE.

Well little hitler isn’t sitting back, he is busy, and the oil money little hitler has pouring into his couffers is more than enough to bribe all of europe, and much of Americas political system….It’s just around the corner folks,

and you aren’t doing a thing to prevent it.

But for sure, the homosexuals, sluts of hollywood, newspaper editors, movie producers, porno queens, porno kings will be decapitated before the butcherers of islam start on the Christians,
Editors note…… “I’ve read about it, in the Bible”
How long will you last in a battle against an enemy you think is your friend? How will all of your diversity training help you on that day, the islamafacists come to your neighborhood? They are coming.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The "Nazi salute" is more accurately called the "American salute" as it was created and popularized by national socialists in the USA where its use was mandated by law in government schools for three decades before, and through, the creation of the National Socialist German Workers' Party. It was the early gesture of the Pledge of Allegiance.

The original pledge began with a military salute that then stretched out toward the flag. In actual use, the second part of the gesture was performed with a straight arm and palm down by children casually performing the forced ritual chanting. Professor Curry showed that, due to the way that both gestures were used sequentially in the pledge, the military salute led to the Nazi salute. The Nazi salute is an extended military salute via the USA's pledge.

The USA originated Nazism, Nazi salutes, flag fetishism, robotic
group-chanting to flags, and the modern swastika symbol, as shown in the research of the noted historian Dr. Rex Curry. The bizarre acts in the USA began as early as 1875 and continued through the creation of the National Socialist German Workers' Party (German Nazis or NSGWP). The NSGWP had clear roots in National Socialism promoted by socialists in the USA. Amazing graphic images that prove the point are at

The USA is still the worst example in the world of bizarre laws that require robotic chanting to a national flag in government schools (socialist schools) every day for 12 years. It has changed generations of Americans from libertarians to authoritarians. The government bamboozled individuals into believing that robotic group-chanting in government schools is a beautiful expression of freedom. Frightening photographs are at

Blogger phred said...

Hopefully, I will last long enough to take a few of them with me...
Well not exactly '' with me ''. they are not going where I am going.
But you get the idea.
I fear, old friend, this is all prophecy, and will come to pass.
All we can do is fight the good fight, and maybe prolong the inevitable, and maybe a few more lost souls will be added to the Kingdom.

Blogger web_loafer said...

anon, I don't do it often but I am going to delete your pack of lies in a day or so, if you don't come forward with who you are. A Blog url, webpage url, or something about you.
If you step up like a man and tell us who you are I may leave your hate America comment at Sanity's Bluff.

My guess is that you are a child molester out on parole, who found Allah while in prison.

You hate all that is good, and love evil, so I doubt you will come forward and identify yourself

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