Saturday, November 18, 2006
America's Greatest Living Thinker
Where is the West?
By Thomas Sowell

European nations protesting Saddam Hussein's death sentence, as they protested against forcing secrets out of captured terrorists, should tell us all we need to know about the internal degeneration of western society, where so many confuse squeamishness with morality.

Two generations of being insulated from the reality of the international jungle, of not having to defend their own survival because they have been living under the protection of the American nuclear umbrella, have allowed too many Europeans to grow soft and indulge themselves in illusions about brutal realities and dangers.

The very means of their salvation have been demonized for decades in anti-nuclear movements and protesters calling themselves "anti-war." But there is a huge difference between being anti-war in words and being anti-war in deeds.

How many times, in its thousands of years of history, has Europe gone 60 years without a major war, as it has since World War II? That peace has been due to American nuclear weapons, which was all that could deter the Soviet Union's armies from marching right across Europe to the Atlantic Ocean.

To continue reading the article from JWR.

DR. THOMAS SOWELL in my humble opinion is America's best living scholar, thinker and writer. Period. You can't argue with me, because you probably haven't read any thing he has written. A Black Man writing a column in the Jewish World Review? I guarantee you that very few liberals have read any of his columns, or for that matter any of the many books he has written. Any real conservative worth his or her salt knows who Thomas Sowell is, and has read a lot of his writings.

I wish America had a choice of voting for such a scholar, author, teacher and mentor......FOR PRESIDENT IN 2008.

The choices we will have in 2008 for president are not worthy to carry Dr. Sowell's books to his next lecture.

I had a dream that Rick Santorum, Lt. Gov. Steele, Jim Talent, Lynn Swann, Catherine Harris, Tom Delay, Newt Gingrich and THOMAS SOWELL and many more of the demonized by the media conservatives, formed a new political party in America. And started telling the truth, and America woke up.

What a dream,
a political party
that will do more
than simply talk about
they will practice it.

You may not take the time to read all of Dr. Thomas Sowell's column, but listen to his final sentence, and think.

If and when we all succumb, will the epitaph of western civilization say that we had the power to annihilate our enemies but were so paralyzed by confusion that we ended up being annihilated ourselves?"


Blogger phred said...

Well, I guess we can dream...
Or would that be politically incorrect / offend someone ?

Anonymous jay said...

If you're up to reading a book rather than some jingoistic article, I'd highly recomend Peter Turchin's "War & Peace & War".

Blogger web_loafer said...

Jay.....I'm a truck driver, and you make me get the old Webster's out.
Muslims are fighting and killing in 140 different regions of the world.
They started each and every fight, and are not fighting by the Geneva Convention.

How could we think we can somehow talk them into peace with us?

Won't happen Jay.

It is kill or be killed,

Blogger JCM said...

Yeah, nice to see the western world using teh same justifications.

As the Chinese government said, you guys have no longer the right to raise the issues of human rights.

US has changed the rules, now no country needs to follow the Geneva conventions.

Dont complain when they torture and behead your people, they now have the right.

"kill or be killed"?

How about "withdraw troops from Sauidi Arabia and sending UN to set a buffer zone in Israel-Palestine, and put sacntions on Arab countries?

Guess the oil $ speaks louder than sanity.

Blogger JCM said...

BTW, need I raise Bosnia, Africa and Russia to count the slaughters by Christians too?

Arabs only make 25% of the total Muslim population, dont paint us by the same brush. Their backward wahabi law has pissed over Islamic law for centuries, since the third caliph's death.

Put the blame at the right door. ;-)

*apologies for rather harsh tone, been too long in a FARK forum discussion*

Blogger Snoop said...

Ditto on Thomas Sowell.

It really bugs me that his writings are not more mainstream and not on the tube more instead of these talking dunderheads you see all the time.

Peace, Snoop

Blogger web_loafer said...

Snoop, I totally missed your comment on this know how it is, 5 blogs, 2 forums, 1 job, not to mention what takes up most of my time,
God, famiily and job.
I'll tell you this, I wish you would get back into blogging, I enjoyed your blog. Or at least my friend drop by (not off of) Sanity's Bluff now and then and tell me where you are leaving footprints on the web. Serious, your blogging was top shelf.
I think Gov. Spadileus needs an advisor like you....I can see it now...the Snoop whispering in the Governors ear......
Little would she know?
Ain't it grand the liberal ladies are poised to safe us from...
Hs....excuse me while I puke.
Hillary Clinton Commander in Chief?
Give me a break or a spanking with a locamotive.....

Again, long time, too long, the web has missed you, at least the blogger world.

You are probably working on a dissertation for your PHD in Physics, and a walkon for the Jayhawks basketball team.

You can't fool me, blogging was your hobby on your way to the presidency.

Blogger web_loafer said...

I'm going to bump this up to the top of my blog for a day or two, It needs to be seen.

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