Wednesday, November 08, 2006
2006 Election

What this election means to American’s in America.
The fact that this 2006 election didn't go the way I wanted, doesn't make me angry. And, the closer we get to 50/50 in this nation, the more we will rediscover about ourselves. There were no political earthquakes in
America this election. It was America being America. To continue reading


Anonymous jay said...

Interesting that you hope the Democrats will not govern like the Republicans did when they were in control. Don't may now get to see a representative democracy of the people rather than a loot the treasury by the rich. Our country has stared into the abyss during this criminal administration. Hopefully, we have backed away in time. There is always hope when people who love their country outnumber those who love the decite, lies, and jingoistic phrases of false patriotism.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Those that are blind, are not the ones to lead.
Nancy Pelosi is the richest congresslady, and they are unexplained riches.....
Harry Reed is the biggest crook in Nevada, just ask someone there.
There is a congressman from LA, caught on video by the FBI taking a bribe, and yet, he won't resign.
Demoscats don't resign when they are caught stealing, cheating or being gay.

The GOP outclasses the DIMS every time.

Senator Allen had a Senate seat stolen from him with illegal votes, He didn't scream and throw hissy fits like a DIM would, he is a man.

Not to say Mr. Webb isn't, but the party behind the good Mr. Webb is so corrupt, it is laughable, no it is sad, that so many Americans are

Enjoy the next two years of political quiet....since the minority party is not made up with spoiled and soiled whiney wimps...


the neocons stole an election from me....Al Gore, 2000.

He is the face of your party, a whiney, loser of a Demoscat.

Republicans are real women and real men, not a whiner amongst them.

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