Friday, October 27, 2006
Slip of the Tongue
Politicians often make stupid verbal mistakes!
But could you, my friend, guarantee me that if you were running for an office of the USofA Senate, you would never have a slip of the tongue? These Senatorial campaigns are at the least, 4 months of speeches, conversations and press conferences...can you guarantee me you would never misspeak? To be quite frank, there are many times that I say something that I immediately know will be misunderstood....a misspeak. Since I am a nobody truck driver, I get away with it, no one is hurt, no damage done, It happens. It is but trivial speak. Yes, If you followed me around for four months and recorded everything I said, you could find something some people wouldn't like and most people wouldn't understand. One more thing.....would you like to have TV, Radio and Newsprint people following you everywhere you went, recording everything you did or said for the next four months?

I don't know how the candidates do it, every word they say in the battle for a posh government job is recorded, scrutinized, and the opposition will find something that was said or done, that they can twist into more votes for them.

Hey, this is going on in both camps of the political scene. Repubbers and Demoscats both have people scrutinizing every word the opponent has said.....publicly on record, and even from people who knew them when they were wild, crazy and young.....Yes, every word scrutinized in all of his or her life. One good example of this behavior is the press making a big deal out of the fine Senator of Virginia saying one word that you never heard, is in no dictionary, and was but a tongue tangling. OK boys and girls, let's all say it...Macaca?

Now all of this is fair in politics I guess, but what if a candidate for the USof A Senate wrote repugnant, deviate, sexually perverted scenes into FICTION novels that he sold by the thousands? Books are planned speech...not a slip of the tongue. This will never be pointed out by the MSM...(mean spirited media) but Senator George Allen’s opponent James Webb, has published many books with pedophiles as characters....and in his description of them, he almost glorifies pedophilia. He also demeans womanhood, and uses his writing skills to shock with perversion.......I doubt many young people read here at Sanity's Bluff, so I will take the chance to leave three links to address the subject of Mr. Webb's filthy mind. It is filthy, ungodly and just to write such trash should weigh heavily on the voters of Virginia, but the MSM, (mean spirited media) will not touch this, and even as we speak....Google and Co. is busy denying links to any reference of this perverts books.
There is a difference....a slip of the tongue is a slip, but a published book is a planned conversation, with many people proofreading it before it is offered for sale. Senator George Allen mangled the English language and a big deal was was NATIONAL NEWS FOR OVER A WEEK. Then Senator Allen was accused of using the N word 30 years ago, with no collaboration, and many denials by the Senator, and other members of the football teams he was a part of. OK, all is fair in war and politics.I have warned you about the filthy mind and filthy record James Webb has woven. James has written many books, all with a troubling background noise of wife beating, child raping, pedophilia and other sleaze. A mind that thinks like Mr. Webb's is not a mind worthy of the United States of America's Senate.And I have a feeling, the internet, blogs and talk radio will get the word out to the voters.


Blogger Jane said...

Oh this is SO true. The Virginia senator's slip was not a good thing but certainly pales in comparison to what our former president did IN THE OVAL OFFICE for crying out loud!!!
The Democrats (liberals) never cease to amaze me. I guess I missed the memo that said there are degrees of WRONG!

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