Tuesday, October 31, 2006
Never been to Kansas

Do you think the traitor from Massachusetts is liked in Kansas? Let’s talk about subliminal messages. Here is a classic example of a photographic subliminal message.

This picture of the nations most laughed at Sinator, is framed in an almost perfect rectangle, and it most certainly is a subliminal message to the voters of Kansas. The right upper corner of the rectangle looks like Andrew Jackson took a bite out of it. Now think about a map of Kansas….yes Kansas…and you’ll see, that there is a little corner of the state that also looks like Andrew Jackson took a bite out of it. In geographical terms it would be the North Eastern corner of Kansas. I live within 10 miles of that irregular boundary for a state, around here we call it the Missouri River. To make this short and sweet, neither Massachusetts Sinator would be listened too, respected or talked to by many citizens of Kansas. Sinator Kennedy and Kerry are two of the most arrogant boobs in America, and you only have to listen to what they say to know they would not be welcomed in Kansas.

Oh yes, maybe a few liberal professors from the cesspool of Kansas University Academia would swoon over either of the bigots of Massachusetts, but us farmers, truck drivers and factory workers wouldn't walk across the street to listen to the most pompous separated at birth twins from Massachusetts. You see, Ted, is a Kennedy, but John F. Kerry is a genuine imitator of a Kennedy, Yes I know he claims he is the next John F. Kennedy, but let me be clear about this....Hey John Kerry, I knew John Fitzgerald Kennedy, and you are not worthy to tie the shoes of his Wax Museum portrayal......go suck some more sour grapes Mr. Arrogance. Neither Massachusetts Sinator is welcome here. My suggestion, hate America buffoons……move to Cuba.

John F Kerry is a turncoat, traitor, and he is not welcome in Kansas. The MSM’s (mean spirited media) refusal to condemn Kerry for his hateful diatribe against our wonderful warriors, won't fly....we know he hates America, and has lied about our military for decades now.........HE IS SCUM,

Everyone of the brave men and women of America that Senator Scary is calling stupid.....has many, many relatives that heard the traitor from MA......call our wonderful warriors stupid, uneducated, unmotivated and.....well listen to the arrogant Sinotors speech.


KERRY IS TOAST. I AIN'T GONNA DO IT, DON'T KNOW ANYONE WHO WOULD DO IT, BUT IT NEEDS TO BE DONE. OXYGEN IS SCARCE...AS THE GREEN GOREMONKEY'S TELL US, OXYOGEN IS SCARCE, The scumbag Kerry, doesn’t' deserve to breathe the same air as the mother and fathers, sisters and brother, nephews and nieces, wife’s or husbands of the ones who have given all....so we can be free.

Kerry doesn't know America........he is America's enemy, and we know it.


Anonymous jay said...

It always amuses me to hear a combat veteran be described as a coward and a traitor by those who...somehow...never got around to serving themselves.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Jay, I have served my country by working hard and paying taxes, to pay for the warriors we need to fight the enemy.

In that way you serve also.

We are all Americans, if we love America and pledge allegiance to Her,.

Enough already about who served or who didn't.

I tried my best to become a Marine, and wanted to go to Vietnam....like in 1963 dude....but my eyesight made that impossible.

Instead of facing my nation’s external enemies, I have devoted my life to fighting my nation’s internal enemies, and there are lots of them. Hope you are not one of them.

You have a jaded view about service.

I serve America by my tax paying and blogging.

When was the last time you posted a blog article that showed your love for America.....????????

I do it with every blog article, my blog oozes service to America, have you read your own blog lately, or the blogs of those you blog around with. ones you blog with?

Let's do a google search...

sanitys bluff love america
_________your blog + love america

when was the last time you said a good thing about America...let's see, you do it once or twice a decade?

So who serves who?

Sanity's Bluff serves America.

And if you don't believe me, Let us randomly send both of our blog's url's to a serviceman or servicewomen in Iraq, Korea, Japan, Germany or Leavenworth Kansas, and ask them who between us two, serves America..?

Have you read your own blog lately, or the hate mongers you link up with?

I love my country, America.

You haven't blogged a good word about the country I love for many years now.

OK, I may have missed the love you blogged about in one of the 2,996 blog articles you have spewed out since America choose George Walker Bush as president, and you started hating America.

I'm sure you remember the election of 2000, you probably still have your panties all in a wad about the outcome......Go suck a lemon to improve your facial presentation.

Those Wonderful Bible Thumping Patriots of 1776 made sure the enemies of America, be it foreign or domestic, will never win. Wake the men and women up, and you have a problem…..the sleeping giant would rather sleep, but if awoken. Those that hate America….will always lose, so my advice to you Jay…is to start loving this nation, or leave it. Prove your love of America, say something nice about her, and the leader that she chose to lead, even in these dangerous times. If you ain’t with us, you are agin us.

Oh my the election of 2000. The USofA's electoral college, as it is called, was God inspired, to make sure that the drunken, doped up, debauched, democrats OF URBAN AMERICA, would not run roughshod over the real lovers of God's creation. God loves America, and I would not tamper with the love of God. Godly men and women made this nation, defend it, and love it. Do you love America....? Prove it.

Dare you, Lawrence liberal.

Anonymous jay said...

Yah know...I'm not the one questioning anybody's patriotism or bravery. I'm sure not going to disparage the motivations of somebody who has actually served their country in war. I do, however, think it the mark of character when one who chose...for whatever reason...not to put their own life on the line for their ideals yet think they are fit to judge those who did.

That's the inescapable botton line. And here's another bottom line that, though harsh, is a logical corner YOU have painted yourself into:

If you truly believe that this war is vital to our country, to our way of life...then it behoves you as a patriot to offer your life, if necessary, to engage in this struggle. If you do not...you are a coward...or a liar.

Take your pick.

Have a good Veteran's day and try to take a day off in calling us all cowards.

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