Wednesday, October 04, 2006
Haven of Hypocrisy
That would be the Democratic Party, 2006

There is not much doubt about it, the Dem’s have pulled one off. They are famous for last minute smears and dirty tricks. The Republicans look like amateurs in the ring with killers. They don’t stand a chance to retain the House of Representatives, the people’s house… ironic….is this what the people really want?
Higher taxes, a collapse of the greatest economy I can remember, and the humiliation of our brave soldiers. The next speaker of the House will be the strange one from San Francisco. The typical uneducated voter will go to the voting booth to punish the Republicans, and America will get a taste of socialism that may, MAY bring us back to our senses. Nancy Pelolsi, third in line for the presidency. If that doesn’t scare you, nothing will. Trust me, I’ll be praying for the president and vice-presidents safety and good health from Jan 2007 on.

Your children will be given a steady diet of socialism and perversion in the public schools, the fairness doctrine will be introduced, your taxes will go up, way up, and our brave men and women in uniform will be disgraced. The papers and newschannels will be one big impeach Bush campaign. And he will probably give up in his effort to help the USofA by helping the world.

The media/government establishment will have complete control of you, your money, your future and family. But the commies from San Fran will not touch the sport or entertainment complex….so enjoy your slavery. No no, don’t get up off of your couch, the NFL, NBA and NASCAR will be there to entertain you, at least for awhile. When the battle against terrorists comes to your neighborhood, you may be too busy bowing to Allah to watch much TV.


In the next two years, Botox will become scarce, with Kerry and Pelosi needing so much to face the public.


The negativity lurks within both sides of the political spectrum. I am sure you have seen the attack ads this close to the election. It just seems candidates for public office only run negative campaigns and attack and smear tactics. The never express the goodwill and positive things that can be done for the American people.

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