Thursday, October 26, 2006
The Children

Yes, there is a storm coming.
A storm like you’ve never been through…..

So you think the citizens of our beautiful gulf coast states, know storms? As in, Katrina? Let's talk about storms.
A storm is being planned for America that will dwarf the storm of 9/11/01, hurricane Katrina, or both of those storms combined. Will we allow it to happen, will we let up in the war against the islamafacists?
Yes, the storm I’m talking about can be stopped before it ravishes our fair land. You know exactly what I am talking about. You may have tried to discount it, forget it, or rationalize a reason to ignore it, but it is is as real as the videos of a pervert of islam hacking the head off of a bound and humiliated man, (THEY FILMED IT. They probably had a hollywood producer such as cling eastwud involved in the movie making.) who died because he was not a muslim.
The mullahs and imams of islam, have been telling us for years that they will destroy America and Israel.
We shrug it off, for we are busy people, and there just isn’t enough hours in the day to watch all the madonna filth, hollywood perversion, ted kennedy debauchery, sport bloppers, entertainment tonight or NASCAR…..and have time left for tomorrow.

Ignoring a problem has never made the problem go away, but still, we are leaving the problem of terrorism for our children and grandchildren to solve.
You see, we can’t fix the problem in a one hour sitcom timeframe, so we ignore the problem, for we demand instant fixes to any problem. We are impatient. Our impatience may doom us, for, the enemy is patient, and fulfills its stated goals.

Think now, in 1993, (yes I know it was the first year of the Clinton years) the WTC was attacked. But the truck packed with explosives was parked in the wrong spot by the nervous terrorists, So..the World Trade Center survived for a few more years, (Actually hundreds of millions of dollars of damage occured, many deaths and hundreds of injuries that day.) We know the rest of the story.
Yes, we slept on, but the islamafacists didn’t sleep, they will not accept defeat. We are unwilling to do what is necessary to win…
So what will tomorrow bring?
You know the threats,
What are you doing to thwart them?

Voting for cut and run demoscats? Or planning to stay home election day to teach the Republicans a lesson?
Now that makes sense doesn’t it, turn our nation’s defense and security over to nancy pelosi , barney frank and ted (hic..hicc) kennedy?

Can you fathom a world without America or Israel?
If reality doesn't move you to action,
How about this cliché?

What about the children?
The children of the world are praying that America and Israel can stamp out this Islamic terror. Our sons and daughters are already mentally terrorized by the media. Day in and day out our journalists, teleprompter readers and debauched movie stars are sending the children of the world the message…..we are the problem. They say we must change to survive. They say lets talk to the ones who want us dead or enslaved. They have not said a nice thing about a man who history will have many good things to say about, IF WE SURVIVE. Yes john Murtha might as well be our childrens history teacher, ted kennedy our childrens driver’s ed teacher, barney frank our childrens sex education class teacher, john kerry our secretary of peace, or any of the other clowns I call demoscats…when the going gets tough, there are no demoscats around.

There should be a constitutional amendment to declare that no demoscat could talk within 1,000 feet of a child. The pornmasters, perversion loving, tax supported perverts should be kept away from children, but it won’t happen. And mark foley was a stealth democrat, planted long ago by demoscat money mongers such as g.sorros, pornslingers and perverts.
We are not the problem, we are only the ones who are not doing much to solve the problem.
Do you think Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House of Representatives is the answer? If so, you deserve the fate in store for the weak, greedy and perverted.

I am praying for the children of the world, not just the USofA, the world. They don’t need islam, they need Jesus Christ the Saviour.
The children of Islam are miserable, and have no future. If the rest of the world doesn’t stand up and fight for the children, the mullahs and imams will win, and they will mutilate and humiliate the females, and send the young boys off with strapon bombs.

Religion of Peace?
If you think so,
Please move to iran


Blogger Jane said...

Well said. BTW, that is one of my favorite old hymns.

Blogger Virtual Librarian said...

Well, we have managed to stop communism from engulfing the world, now another totalitarian system is trying to overpower us.
This struggle maybe even harder, but I trust we will prevail.

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