Thursday, October 05, 2006
Boy Scouts? Or, Scouting for Boys?
Boy Scouts,
Those scouting for boys.

The dnc, moveon.orgy and the msm, (mean spirted media) are, in concert, using a homosexual in an attempt to bring the republican juggernaut down. They may or may not succeed. If only I knew who will win this battle…..if the dem’s win, I am cashing in my 401’s to buy bullets and gold. I’m serious, it will only take 18 months for a democratic congress to destroy this booming economy and embolden our nations enemies.. How weird, I only want to work a few more years, save a little money and retire, in the first wave of baby boomers. I don’t want to think about who is gay or straight in congress, the senate or the white house,

I just want this dysfunctional government to get it’s act together and protect me and my family, kill the terrorists, and get rid of the illegal’s (lawbreaker’s) amongst us, and build a wall between our not so friendly neighbors and we the people. Is that too much to ask………..?

First of all, I feel like I need a long long shower, a cup of Starbucks, an Advil and more time to sort through the volumes of disinformation and information about the sordid mark foley story. This is a battle folks, a battle between right and wrong, and you know it. The msm has constantly ridiculed the Republican Party and its voters, for being a gang of homophobes, bigots and ignorant rednecks. Now they are imitating that false template........

Now, a republican congressman, a powerful one who once crossed swords with the clinton political machine, is outed (ousted) in a most disgraceful way. He is being vilified for being gay, and in congress. If he was a Democrat there would be no issue here. More importantly to me is the question……What was the crime he committed?

The waters are so muddied, who really knows what is or isn’t. The emails that were saved by some, and released 40 days before an election, are nothing more than the emails one would expect a gay boy scout troop leader to send to former boy scouts in his troop. There is nothing sexual about them, unless you want to add meanings between the lines. I am sure mark foley did not spend day and night obsessed with young boys, he did his job very well, but was a flawed man.

Now a question to the two, maybe three men reading this blog article......
You are driving near a hot teen spot and a 14 year old girl is strutting down the sidewalk, bursting out of her skimpy coverings.......putting on an obscence show. You happen to look over at the car next to you and the driver is an older woman, (probably a schoolteacher) and she is losing it. Since it is a nice fall day, all of the windows of everyone's cars are down, you hear the older woman exclaim to her female passenger...."Ohhhhh, look at that fresh would love to tongue" (you can imagine the rest of the scenerio).

1. Should you get the license plate number of the car and call the local police?
2. Should you try to get the speaker of the House of Representatives on the phone, and tell him?
3. Should you call George Soros and tell him that the car had a GWBush in 2004 sticker on the bumper?
4. Should you call the F.B.I.? They are surely not too busy fighting terrorism to take the time to investigate this republican perverts life, phone calls, emails and instant messages. It's not like the schoolteacher is a terrrorist, so you can tape her phone, and read her emails....she is a republican.

OK, the emails were not more criminal than a man whistling at a teenager at a high school busstop. Distasteful, revealing, and revolting, but not criminal.

Now the Instant Messages are a different matter, they were vile, vulgar, and if they had been exchanged between a congressman and a minor, that would be criminal in my mind.

But was the other person typing out instant messages with Foley a minor? And one fact to remember......IT TAKES TWO PEOPLE TO INSTANT MESSAGE, If I remember correctly, there is an ignore feature of IM. It has been years since I have used IM, and things may be different, but the MS Instant Messenger ask you if you wanted to save a record of the conversation, and gave you options to block anyone from the messaging service. What if Bill Gates has a complete log of every instant message ever made? Just a thought? There are emerging facts that prove the person engaged in cybersex with the congressman was in fact 18, and will soon be exposed as a political hack. No, As far as I can tell it was not a crime to IM a former page who was 18. Distasteful, perverted and ungodly, but, nothing illegal.

If, in fact the person the pervert from Florida instant messaged was a minor, and Foley knew that fact, Foley should be prosecuted along with democRATs who knew about this and waited until election time to go public with it.

So we know for sure Foley sent friendly emails to former pages.

Anything more than that is the political slime, scum and filth that we don’t know how to deal with. I mean, we punish the Boy Scouts of America because they prohibit homosexual’s from becoming troop leaders…..I mean this is America…….so let’s treat congressman Foley with the Democratic Template……….What’s the problem?

These same scumbags of media want your children to accept homosexualality as just another lifestyle…..they promote gay agendas, and rail against those who dare to point out that God created Man, and Woman…..different and given the divine order to procreate as male and female in the blessed realm of Holy Matrimony.

We all know about Adam and Eve, but the same angel of darkness that deceived Eve, and Adam….is still at work. I call Satan a sore loser, he knows his future, and he wants as many humans as possible to share his fate………eternal separation from God.

Don’t worry atheists, God will not torment you after you take your last God Given Breath…..He will simply turn you over to complete control of Godlessness. A human without contact with the One who created Him or is hell. Yes….GOD created you, and gave you everything you need to become a child in His family. No my atheist friend, you will not miss God in Hell………you will be without God…….and without hope of ever living forever with God. I am so is apparent that this blue marble in God's creation is about to come to an abrupt end, as a theif in the night.....when you least expect's over.......there will be NO MORE OPPORTUNITY TO LIVE ETERNALLY WITH GOD AFTER THE TRUMP SOUNDS AND THE EARTH MELTS WITH A FERVENT HEAT. God spoke it, I believe it. This earth will be destroyed, not by global warming, pollution, wars or nuclear bombs......It will only last as long as God's grace is available. No athesist, God won't torment you when you die, you simply will not be able to spend eternity with God and the Blood washed congregation of the saints. The path to God will be closed. Don't listen to the preachers in italian silk suits that tell you there will be a second chance, or that God will set up a kingdom on this sin sick earth. It won't happen, so get to the Bible, read what God has said, not the millionaire milleniumist
s tell you.
That is hell, and you are practiced up for your life hereafter….for you deny the existence of God, so enjoy eternity.

OK, back to Mark Foley… then the devil told the lust seekers that the egress valve God made for the removal of toxic wastes from a human is in fact something beautiful, and a place for life to be spilled in drunken debauchery. Men, if you think God created you with the ability to spill sperm, that seek a human egg……and doesn’t care if you spill those seeds in the waste removal area……you ain’t very smart. In fact you are stupider than the redneck in the pickup with the gun rack.

Yes HomoFoley is stupid about God, and life, and even more ignorant about his enemies. His enemies were not the straight as an arrow Midwesterners with gun racks in their pickups. Time will show that Congressman Foley was ousted by the gay activists in concert with the socialists of the democRATic party.

For years now the DNC has had records and actual cyber knowledge of instant messages of Congressman Foley’s peccadilloes. And remember, he may have been wanting to marry one of the young boys someday, when they became of legal age.

YES. (yes the same people that rail against the government wanting to know what terrorists ((that want me and you dead,))

are up too, and say we should not use wiretapping or internet snooping, even if we know the person on the phone or chatroom is a terrorist, are enjoying the results of illegal wiretapping and cybersnooping to hurt a Republican who dared to be homosexual, and Republican…like I said, foley would never have been ousted if he had only have been a republican.

If you read the newspapers, (who does) or watch ABC (or any of the other joined at birth perpetrators of the news, for personal gain, and admiration crowd) listen to air america or get email updates from, you will know Mark Foley is a pervert, a child molester and probably had something to do with the bringing down of the World Trade Center Buildings.
The truth is available……….of course it is on the blogosphere, and we know that at any given time of the day there are ten to twenty times more bloggers searching for truth, than there are dirty deedmakers….as in dan rather, CBS,ABC,NBC and FOX.

Here is one link, and one link only to the truth about this sordid affair.

I published this blog article, but didn't have the time to double, triple check the syntax, spelling or

Soo, ifen ya hav aa prolimb wid da speling, dicktion ore sorcuis's, emale mee.


Blogger web_loafer said...

Yep, when the truth gets out.....the cyberthugs get to working. I have a lot of tips for the cybersluth to be.

It is simple to overcome the media's censorship of links to the truth.

I have saved every thing that the mediathugs are now busy trying to erase....saved and saved to disk.

There are absolute times and routes available in any MS program you use, yes,

More information on the way.

You to can be a cybersluth....looking for the truth.

The mean spirited media doesn't have the wherewithall to stop or shape the truth anymore.

Thank You....Bill Gates....mmmmm....big hug to the truth seeking bloggers........

It really doesn't matter who wins the political races in Nov.

We as the blog will

keep on keeping on, if you know what I mean.

They can't stop us now.....we have fingers to type out url's, and eyes to read the truth...noses to sniff out the mucocka....and ears to hear the shrill noise of the bigotedleftistsoontobeextinctliberaltrashmongeringmediawhores.

Jim Kolbe (R-AZ) is a represenative that is openly homosexual. The difference is Jim Kolbe never committed a sex crime. Tom Foley has.

It would be a mistake to expect much from the last two years of the Bush Administration. The opposition forces have discovered a combination of assaults that have more or less paralyzed it -- at any rate, with regard to the initiatives we expected from Dubya that he has yet to carry through. My hope is that voters realize this, and blame the Administration's recent lack of progress on the parties truly responsible.

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