Friday, September 15, 2006
Why bother to blog??
Why Blog?

If you haven’t asked yourself that question,
You must be flying on autopilot, with your audio, visual, and maybe even your olfactory senses turned off.

Let’s start with the olfactory being turned off……

”I blog because I know my conversational skills suck, in fact they smell”
“Maybe no one will notice?”
Yeah, as in no one notices a fart in a theater?

“But my blog has visual highlights?”
Yeah, sure, you probably grabbed a .jpg from the net* cropped it a little and used it as eye candy to deemphasize your lack of writing skill.

But what about my blogs Audio…..?
That is the cyber scream that a smart blogger avoids, because it is a hopeless scenario, no audio blogs work correctly…and, dah, most people are smart enough to surf without sound, until they find a tune they want to hear….then they reach over and turn the sound on.
Audio blogging is like, admitting to the world that..”I have nothing of importance to say today, so I’ll blog music……heavy metal, because that will make all of the random surfers forget they ever visited my blog.”

Are you a curious blogger?

OK, Tell me which web version of the song, Personal Jesus, you want your grandchild, or even you child listening too or watching? Here is Johnny Cash singing, no video, just imagine, I can....I can see Johnny singing this song.

#!. Johnny Cash sings,

Simple fare, you must agree.
OK, now here is the same song with video as Marilyn Manson signs, and acts.

#2. Marilyn Manson version

And it is a video, SO, don’t forget to click on the little video box to get to full screen…..
Enjoy, click and be tormented…….and learn lessons
webloafer learned long ago…..

Once more Johnny Cash
or Marilyn Manson

*I respect copyrights, and yet, I know I occasionally use someone else’s work on my blog. First of all, I don’t make a penny from blogging so, sue me for all the money I have made from your artwork that I found in searches of the internet, and used on my blog. If a .jpg is on the internet, and there is copyright….you know © before after or somewhere I see, I will use that photo only if I can find a url to point my 4 readers back to the photographers website. Want to know how to add a © to your photo.? Simple, ask Bill Gates. I have explained it over and over to curious people….I love curious people.


Anonymous T.P. said...

I like both of the versions

Anonymous ltcg said...

Hey webbie, I have to admit, Marilyn Mansons version rocks, I could dance t o it, and Johny Cash sings it like he has a suppository up his, reachout.
You think we are stupid?
Johnny Cash is, unnoticed, so why bring up the comparison?

Anonymous nocall said...

Tough call, I know I shouldn't like the Marilyn Manson version, but I do. Am I a sinner for wanting to dance to that music? If It is sin, I choose sin over JJohnn Cash singing from his hospital bed. He was in a hospital because he drank, shot, snorted and swallowed any new drug the world had. So I should listen to him?

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