Friday, September 22, 2006
Where is happiness to be found?

I am going through another phase of life.

The illegal alien manning the cash register at the KFC punched that senior discount button without me asking for the 10% discount. I don’t argue, and I say ‘thanks’ in English, the language of the civilized world. Every pilot who legally pilots an airplane anywhere upon this beautiful blue marble orbiting around a sun that no antiGod pervert can explain, communicates in ENGLISH… with that Hugo.

No, the sun didn’t crawl out of celestial slime and evolve into light…..God created light, with help from Jesus the only begotten Son of God, in conference with the Holy Spirit of God. Those of you that read God’s word, remember the account of Jesus, demanding of John the Baptist, to baptize Him, the son of God. When the locust and honey eater finally yielded to the Godhead, what happened next? The spirit of God, like a dove, literally descended from heaven and the voice of God was heard and recorded for us to learn from. There in the waters of a muddy little river, in a tiny piece of God’s creation, all of God was revealed and recorded. The Godhead has three separate and real parts….and all three of the Godhead worked together on creation day, and on that baptismalism day, All of us, aggrogant, frail, vain, proud and doomed humans, were given an opportunity to see salvations plan…… And it was only a little more than 6,000 years ago. You can carbon date all the rocks and bones you want too, but you will miss heaven if you are no more than a rock digger. Look at this magnificent planet that sin reins upon, would you rather continue in your debauchery and god hating forever……never being a part of eternity’s choir….singing praise to the creator and take your chances that there is no God? Or will you open up the Bible and Hear,(see) the word of God, Believe that word, Repent, (turn away from your sins } and Confess that Jesus Christ is the son of God, and then be buried in the watery grave of Baptism, for the remission of sin, and be IN JESUS CHRIST until this path of sorrow is over, and eternity is.e

Go ahead and worship a butterfly…yes they are beautiful, mysterious and common, and God, Jesus and the Ghost created it all, even the hell you will live in. It will be hell, ebecause your unforgiven sins will keep you from God, Heaven and the Saints.

I dream often of being cut off from God, in hell………and hearing he heavenly choir singing praises unto God……..but beinga place in that heavenly choir.

If eternity was just like this world, and you could go on living and living and living on earth, forever, with the heavenly choir in the background….and no way to ever see, hear, touch, taste or smell God, how happy would you be?

New, Improved, Reformulated, Version 1.1, Latest, Recalibrated and now celebrated,

We have a problem Houston……….

Houston, hey Houston….

San Franciscan here, “We are spaced out and, a little disorientated, and there is only a hostile planet to return too. Where do we land?”

Well my doped up San Francisco, Flower

I won’t help you; you have stepped over a line.

You have hated my nation while being a part of it.

You have ruined an education system, even a state.

You have made California the laughing stock of the nation.

And my nation a laughing stock of the world.

Your perversion and insolence have created an enemy you could never defeat,

Yet you will soon be shouting for the UsofA to protect you.

Like in…….send in the marines you hate so much, the navy that you deny docking rights to the air force you have denied landing privileges to, yes you want the good ole boys to save you and protect you, to protect your deviant asses from punishment, torture and death.

Yes, Gay Bay, Holler, Scream and get what you deserve.

The islamafacists don’t hate Kansas, or the people there.

Go somewhere where you can think a little, without the communist influence, and your sexual perversions, and think this one out.

But don’t waste your time asking for help from Kansas.

You don’t realize it up on your hobby horse. But let me laugh a little at your demise. Good Riddance.


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