Saturday, September 30, 2006

Text of Benedict XVI’s speech of 9-12-06

Please email me or comment here at the bluff, if you find anything in the pope’s conversation that is false, demonic or hateful……still waiting…..while the boys of islam are burning, raping and pillagering. They love to do that since they have no life…literally they are dead boys walking….and it is not the boy’s fault…….they had no parents…at least not parents that loved them.

You could not offer me enough (can you say, the whole world) to let my child be strapped with explosives and sent out on a suicide mission, to kill my enemies. First of all, I have no enemies with any valid reason to hate me, but if you desire me dead… are my enemy….Secondly….I love children, and that includes my own children………they will not be mistreated, or killed for the sake of my own flesh, religion or ego.

When America falls to islam, if you survive,

there will be no jokes or humor.

As an extremely overtaxed citizen of the USofA, I do visit some of the websites, radio shows, and videos…..(no broadcast news….it is all anti-American) that are funded by my sweat and taxes, yes the Public Broadcastin System...notice it is accurately called a system....albeit a failed system, it still gets billions of dollars to spread hatred of America worldwide. One of the most disappointing events of the Bush years, is the failure to shut down the Anti-American PBS, NEA and other parasites of democracy, Oh, but I know there are lots of talented people caught up in the whirlwind of liberalism, nice, decent people, who are dupes. That doesn't make them bad, we all are duped at some time in our lifes.....The talented are often duped, for they want recognition, and yours and my taxmoney is there to provide a platform of performance. Yes, I recognize the talent of a lot of the slaves of socialism, ie..PBS…Yes fellow taxpayer, since we are forced to endow the arts? Finance the anti-American PBS, and take it on the chin from our own State Dept., (liberal haven) the pure Americanism of some of our socialist journalists shine through…..the truth cannot hide in the yellow rag world of the commies.

I am going to send you to links of liberal, anti-American photojournalists, and you decide.

Here are some pic’s before they are photoshopped by G.Sorros and his commie billionaires friends, that want you living in poverty….so they can be richer. I mean, how much caviar can the fatso pervert stuff into his mouth, while spewing out hatred towards all I hold sacred?

These photos cannot lie.

Photos you may have missed

A woman's first vote

A voting line you wouldn't enjoy

A young man of America...tries to explain

These fine men, sleep on dirt and sand

Lawyers are the same worldwide, snakes

I love taking the work of the leftist’s and asking normal people to look, read or see what these anti-American scholars, photographers and actors are trying to sell us.

There are some very talented photographers caught up in the anti-American world, but they cannot hide the truth….even when they take pictures of the carnage of war……a war that was not our idea, we hadn’t planned on it, and there are still a few American’s who want us to win. If you want to live under Shari law, treat your wife like a slave, smell like a camel……..go ahead……there are planes leaving daily to all of the capitols of despotism and cruelty…..leave…..No, I’m not asking you to shut up, just leave this fine nation and go to a muslim nation and blog….broadcast….or try to live your degenerate life style there. It makes me angry to see an F-16 flying overhead and knowing that that young man in control of that marvelous American machine, is hated by Howarddeaniac’s.

What an apropos name….MOVE ON.ORG………..YES DO IT COWARD’S, MOVE ON…..HOWARD’S COWARDS…..MOVE ON……..I am sure many Americans would not complain if their taxmoney was spent on airplane tickets for all of those that hate this nation……..airplane tickets to Damascus, Syria, or Tehran, Iran.

America didn’t start this, we will end if, If we find leadership at the top. Imagine Hillary Clinton as Commander in Chief?

How blessed by God are we? Turncoat Kerry was not president September the eleventh, two thousand and one………….Thank you Father in heaven…… put men in power over your Bible tells me…..even if I don’t vote next election…..the results will be just as our heavenly Father wills.

Read the Heavenly Fathers message to us….the Bible, and you will not fear the future, for you will know who holds the world in His hand. It sure isn’t a camel riding human being…..named mohamid…or whatever… cannot devise a way to save himself from the fate of this world….it is in the hand’s of the creator…..and the gates of hell cannot prevail against the Church of Christ.

Now, if I am wrong about my faith….(I’m not) and when I die, there is nothing more: WILL I SUFFER BECAUSE OF MY BELIEF??????

NO, But if I curse God, hate his Bible, and deny his existence, and am wrong?????????

I am a fan of Stephanie Sinclair’s photography, albeit she is a leftist, she is talented, and the truth of her pictures is there. The captions the PBS, CNN, and other mean spirited media adds to her photos, do not make her photography invalid….take a little time to visit her portfolio of photos…..they are everywhere on the internet. View them before CBS photoshops them.

Stephanie once the darling of the leftists, is now out of favor with the commie punks, because she dared to look at Iraq and what happens there without prejudice. She choose the wrong moments to capture on film…..and she refused to let the PBS crowd photoshop her photos to make America and the boys and girls of America in Iraq….look evil, bad and demonic. She paid a big price for being a real photographer…..I like her photos, through all the mayhem, blood and violence of her photos….All of Mankind is shown as broken…not just the USofA.

Stephanie Sinclair is great when questioned by the commie left….for she has not sold her nation down the drain, and looks at both sides of all conflicts….Stephanie deserved her PULITZER PRIZE FOR PHOTOJOURNALISM?

Want to meet a woman that has more bravery than all of the 4 million crowd? It is one thing to rant and rave where you can rant and rave safely….(America) it is another thing to be a woman in Iran, with a brain, a tongue and bravery to speak the truth. View the truth

When liberal leftists dare speak the truth about islam, they are hated.

So islam hates everyone, everything that is not approved by the imams, perverts and child rapists of islam. Think I exaggerate? Read this transcript of a leftist magazine reporter questioning a big time leftist author, who is still being hunted by the boys of islam.

If you really want to know the will have to make decisions.....yes, they are hard, but someone is making them for you , if you ain't. Here is what the truth cost a liberal, who dared to tell the truth.


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Wow, this makes my day,still tweeking the article, and someone left a comment before the article was is not complete, until all murderers are gone...........thanks may never know how it feels to get a comment whle still slaving away at the keyboard..........and I have to thank you for thanking me......I gotta go mow the lawn.....something I don't enjoy, since God created nothing that should be mowed down, killed, hated, or ignored. Those with lovely lawns, I have only one thing to say............Quit it, live with what God made, spare me the deadly chemicals you have to use to make your mansion look beautiful......DAH......beautiful to whom???????? Not the creator, and let me be clear about this.....ALGORE is one of the biggest polluters of God's Creation............

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Have you ever wondered why the old clerics send out the young kids to be the bombers ?????
Why don`t they blow themselves up ?????
I mean IF it`s such an honorable thing...........

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