Friday, September 01, 2006
Scientist's say.........

A truck driver starting a sentence with the words….”You’ll never believe this” akin to a media newsreader starting a sentence with the words….”Scientists say”

If it were not for meteorologists, scientists would be at the top of the Unreliable List.

I know technically meteorologists are scientists, just less accurate scientists. They are scientists without portfolios......they do no laboratory work; they stare at computer readouts, radar screens and quigi boards, hour upon hour and come up with the weather for tomorrow. It must be nice to have a high paying job that requires no set level of accuracy. My occupation requires 100% accuracy 100% of the time, or death or injury is certain. Hey, I like driving…..I’m just driving home a point.

I am working on a list of scientific lies that the media has used in their attempt to sway public opinion. Can you say global warming? How about the predicted ice age talked about in the 1970’s? It seems like it happens once a year; scientists proclaim they have found another proof of evolution. Folks, evolution is a theory. How could someone enjoy this beautiful planet and deny the creator His due? Need I remind you what God has called those that say there is no God? They are fools, God said it, I believe it and that's that. God's word is enough for me.

Why would anyone listen to the theories of a fool?

The theory of evolution VS the reality of the Creator.

Which side are you on?

If I have placed my faith in God, and if there is no God, what do I lose upon death?
If you proclaim there is no God, and you are wrong..(I pity you)..what excuse will you have on judgment day? Will you try to convince God that scientists led you astray?

Whoops, let's get back to the hilarious, and leave the serious behind.

When the scientific community starts delving into the medical community things really get hilarious. If I had quit consuming everything scientists have said is dangerous, deadly or carcinogenic, I would not be here to laugh with you about the stupidity of the science community, for I would have starved to death long ago, for I hate tofu and bean sprouts.

I mean like, if I listened to every scientist.....I would be eating tofu, breakfast, lunch and dinner......and could not drink coffee. Ain't gonna happen, you can have all of the tofu and bean sprouts.,..go ahead, have at it.....and I'll have the last laugh, a caffeinated laugh.

Try taking the coffee cup out of a truck drivers hands...go ahead...I dare you. I'm 60 years old and lack 7 inches from being six foot tall........just try it.

Yes, the scientific community has stumbled into truth occasionally, (a broken clock displays the correct time two times each day) but need you be reminded that a doctor proclaims his practice as that…..practice. I suggest we tell it like it is in the future and say…..practicing scientist.

Isn’t gore the bore, a great scientist?

After inventing the internet, and various other wonders, he is now a preacher. He preaches at the pulpit of the ‘there is no God church.’ Yes, he does, Gore claims that mankind is destroying the planet earth.

The one who created the universe would never allow man to destroy it.

God tells us how this planet will cease to exist…….it will be by the hand of God. The man who thinks mankind can destroy God’s earth is an arrogant boob. I am not suggesting that we should trash the planet out and kill off animals en masse. Just give the creator a little respect and believe what He has said.

Yes algore is preaching up a storm, lecturing all of us while he remains one of the most blatant polluters. Yes, it appears that algore is eating a lot of the things his scientist buddies say will kill you. Yes, alfatgore has a lot of extra fat he will not need if the world gets warmer like he preaches. He looks like he is storing up fat for the ice age that the scientist of the ’60’s said was fast approaching. Yes the scientist of the ’70's scared me….they predicted an ice age that no one could survive, and blamed it on humanity. Well not all humanity, just those of the USofA.

Have a safe Labor Day a truck driver, I know what the roads will be like........You all be careful now, because not everyone is being careful.


"If I have placed my faith in God, and there is no God, what do I lose upon death?"

Nothing lost, but you likely led a better, kinder life.

"I mean like, if I listened to every scientist.....I would be eating tofu, breakfast, lunch and dinner......and could not drink coffee."

No coffee? Think again...some days the findings say it's ok, or actually good for you...

Scientific findings seem to be based more on where the money is coming from than anything else these days. It's a shame since it is always said that science just leads to answers regarding the way things are; not the way someone wants them to be.

One more thing that has nothing to do with your post.

I've got one of those "blogroll me" links on my site as well. I rarely use it when visiting blogs, but it seems when I have used it, nothing happens.

I guess I'll have to go to blogrolling the old fashioned way : )

Blogger Bun-Girl said...

What a great post! I couldn't agree more about the quacks that call the shots in the scientific community. I wonder if you've ever had a chance to peek at ? No, this is not me plugging my own site... I have nothing to do with the Creation Moments folks other than thoroughly enjoying their radio programs.
I love the "what if I'm wrong/what if you're wrong" argument and have used it myself on multiple occasions.

Anyway, all this to say, I stumbled on your blog today via BlogExplosion, and it's now blogmarked and will soon be also listed on my site. Great blog!!!

Blogger web_loafer said...

Many thanks a.k.a. blandy urbane, and bun-girl, f
or reading and commenting on this blog article. It is not quite finished....wait for the pictures and links that will appear....and


There will be some hilarious flashbacks to the days when everyone was worried about global freezing.

I learn a lot about this world through google. I googled 'global warming' and got 72,006,243 hits.

Global cooling brought up about 20 hits....

Does that mean the world is in danger from global warming?

This planet cannot be damaged by humans, because humans did not create the earth or the inhabitants thereof.
God gave humans dominion over everything in the sea, in the air and on land.....but try as we may, we as humans cannot be more than the created.....the future is not in our hands, brains or desires.

The future is.....because God said....I AM.

That's enough for me.

And I respect my God's creation more than algore ever has or will.

Let me ring my own bell......

I live in harmony with God's creation.....I love the Earth....Because of my creator.

algore is a phoney baloney meglemaniac, and needs to exercise a few more muscles in his body, besides his mouth.

All we have to do is obey God's simple demands and we will live forever, in a place with no algores.

Blogger Hops said...

Reason is the enemy of faith, my friend.

Blogger web_loafer said...

WAD,Jessica, yes WAD.

You commented

"Reason is the enemy of faith, my friend."

And I answer, without a doubt. (WAD)

We don't need to search the to ends of earth for our redemption, we simply must believe the WORD.....for all blessings from God come after belief. Some hesitant people needed signs and wonders in the early days of the church, we don't need signs or wonders, we have the WORD.

Thanks for visiting, off to visit your blog.

Anonymous Rudicus said...

Wow. I'm glad you are all patting yourselves on the back for sticking your collective heads in the sand and waiting for the rapture.

I am continually amazed when people not only choose ignorance, but then turn arond and celebrate themselves and others for it.

Choosing to be a fool is far worse than being one by nature.

Science does not have all the answers, but it has sure done more to help this world and the people in it than your God ever has. I sincerely hope that none of you have soiled your souls by setting foot in a hospital, office building or any other structure (including church) that was built by man thanks to his reason and understanding of physics and mathematics.

I further hope you have never called a doctor trained in science and reason to tend to your broken leg or ailing parent and instead gleefully sang waiting for Jesus to heal them (which of course he wouldn't).

"Reason is the enemy of faith" is not only the stupidest and most moronic statement ever made, but it shows a lack of itelligence about your own faith that you profess to love so much.

Without reason, how would anyone ever choose your faith over another? Unless you are planning to argue that every person of faith is brought to God by God without their own will, and if so then why would there be any opposition?

I'm sure none of you are reading this as I am sure that it has already been erased since "faith" brooks no opposition. However if this is still miraculously up in the comments, I hold no "faith" that any of you will spend one nanosecond pondering the veracity of your beliefs, so I wish you well and sincerely hope and pray for the second coming of Christ so you can all be taken to your final reward at the side of God, so the rest of us can go about fixing the government and earth and finally have some peace.



Blogger web_loafer said...


I don't erase comments by anyone who takes the time to comment here, unless they stoop to gutter language. I take it you disagree, fine, I am sure you really believe what you wrote.
Likewise I know my comments to be truthful and heartfelt. You won't enjoy this earth after the Christians are taken from this society. Christians are the last glue holding the fabric of this world together.
You may live to regret saying what you just said.
Blessings to you also. No hard feelings, and I have lots of friends that disagree with my religious and political views.
Thanks for being passionate yet polite.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I tend to believe in God though not necessarily in magic....therefore, I tend to think evolution theory comes closer to the truth than "poof" the universe appeared 6000 years ago.

but what do I know...I'm probably contaminated by education and critical thinking.

Blogger web_loafer said...

I've been involved in a lot of critical thinking also. If you read my last blog article you would realize that. As a young man I critiqued everything.
I took a critical look at the bible, and things changed. It is a living breathing book, 'God breathed'.
I'm confident in the validity of God's word, if God said the creation took place 6,000 years ago, I believe Him, for He was there, I wasn't.
Most of those denying God have never opened a Bible.

Anonymous Jay said...

I've opened a bible or two in my time. Nowhere does it say God created the world 6000 years ago. Man said that.

Man says a lot of things and attributes them to God.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Jay, God said 'search the scriptures,for in them you will find eternal life"
Nowhere Jay, everywhere Jay.
If you read the bible you will see a timeline, GOD'S TIMELINE...
It really is there and since God spoke it, I believe it.

OK, we are two rational people,

Let us ponder this.

If there really is a creator of all this beautiful planet, all of the animals, plants and space was created by God......would you or I or Einstein be able to say HOW, WHEN or WHY God created everything?

Jay, just hypothetically.....what if God really created everything?

Do you think he would create it in such a way that one of His creations could understand it, carbondate it or proclaim it any other way?

Later, I'm getting web dizzy, gotta get some shuteye.

If God is real, what does your best knowledge mean? it is only guesses and denial of the truth,

I know who I have believed in, and am persauded that He is able......

It's all there in the Bible,

Don't throw your roadmap to eternal bliss away Jay, dust it off and read it, and ask the creator of all to allow the spirit of God to reveal truth.

Yes, in man's knowledge it is laughable that the world is 6,000 year old, but no man has invented anything equal to God's creation of the sparrows......

But God knows He is right, so don't forget to look up.

I look up hoping for my beloved Saviour return....

You look up to make sure no bird is pooping on your newly washed and waxed vehicle.

Anonymous jay said...

You assume a lot about my beliefs.

I believe the universe was created. The entire universe...not just this planet. The wonder, grandure, and awe spanning immense time and space. The book that you read cobbled together by committee in the 4th century pales in comparison.

"God is the universal substance in existing things. He comprises all things. He is the fountain of all being. In Him exists everything that is." - Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Blogger d taylor said...

In the beginning (bereshith) God (Elohim) created (bara) the heavens and the earth (hashamayim we'et ha'aretz) Gen1:1
In the hebrew this verse begins with bereshith a combination of the Hebrew preposition be, meaning in, and reshith, meaning begginning. This term literally indicates, In the beginning which was not the beginning. This was the beginning of the universe, but not the beginning of eternal God.
The first phrase in the Gosple of john (John1:1) recalls the creation recorded in Genesis 1:1 Was is a translation of the imperfect active indicative of the verb for existence,( eimi ) to be. The imperfect tense describes continuous action in past time. The Holy Sprit used this tense in this verse to communicate that the Word Jesus Christ preexisted the creation of the universe and coexistence with God the Father throughout eternity.
Bereshith divides eternity past from the beginning of the universe. Prior to Gen. 1:1 no universe existed, there was not matter, no energy, no time, nothing but the triune God and His angles. verse one breaches the barrier of eternity to proclaim the sudden origin of the universe the only verse in the Bible to do so. Six days were not required for God to create the universe. God spoke and the universe instantly came into being.
The object of God's first creation is summarized in the phrase (the heavens and the earth) Hebrew contains no one word comparable to our word universe. This thought is communicated through the phrase (heavens and the earth) Heavens, (hashamayim) is in the plural, indicating all the planets, stars, galaxies, black holes, nebulae...everything in the universe except earth. Ha'aretz refers specifically to planet earth.
And (but) the earth was (became) formless and void (tohu wabohu), darkness was over the surface of the deep (tehom), and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters. Gen1:2
The ominous and foreboding tone of verse two is in marked contrast to the straightfoward statement of Gen1:1. God is perfect and His work is perfect then the earth could not have been created imperfect. Yet Gen 1:2 evokes an image of an earth which had become a different place than what God originally created.
Most english versions wrongly translate verse two as sequential, and the earth was, instead of as a contrast to verse one. If verse two were sequential (formless and void (tohu wabohu) would be connected with the initial creation of the universe. The first verse would then be a description of God's creation of an imperfect and defective universe. Verse one would depict only raw materials which were formless and void. This contradicts the perfect character of God.
but verse two actually begins with a disjunctive clause, but followed by the Hebrew verb (hayah) became, When correctly translated, ( but the earth became ). It is clear the earth had undergone a cataclysmic change. The contrast emphasizes the dramatic and total transformation from a fully formed and perfect planet to barren waste. (tohu wabohu) always depicts the results of divine judgment ( jer 4:23-26 , Isa 34:11 ) Tohu means waste, desolation... Bohu means empty void.

Blogger d taylor said...

The trem (scientific law) is a misnomer. Scientific laws, as such, do not exist. Science neither develops nor enforces these laws. Science has only discovered what God has created. For an example Newton only discovered the Law of Gravitation he or any other scientist has neither created or enforces these laws. So called scientific laws are based on the statistical assumption that the universe, which operates according to fixed norm, will continue to do so. Science can observe, classify, describe, and apply these normative operations but is powerless to control them. Scientific laws should be named for greater accuracy, a divine law.

Blogger d taylor said...

"In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth," and we cannot but believe that these creations were worthy of Himself, that they reflected the perfections of their Maker, that they were exceedingly fair in their pristine beauty. Certainly, the earth, on the morning of its creation, must have been vastly different from its chaotic state as described in Genesis 1:2. "And the earth was without form and void" must refer to a condition of the earth much later than what is before us in the preceding verse. It is now over a hundred years ago since Dr. Chalmers called attention to the fact that the word "was" in Genesis 1:2 should be translated "became," and that between the first two verses of Genesis 1 some terrible catastrophe must have intervened. That this catastrophe may have been connected with the apostasy of Satan, seems more than likely; that some catastrophe did occur is certain from Isaiah 45:18, which expressly declares that the earth was not created in the condition in which Genesis 1:2 views it.

What is found in the remainder of Genesis 1 refers not to the primitive creation but to the restoration of that which had fallen into ruins. Genesis 1:1 speaks of the original creation; Genesis 1:2 describes the then condition of the earth six days before Adam was called into existence. To what remote point in time Genesis 1:1 conducts us, or as to how long an interval passed before the earth "became" a ruin, we have no means of knowing; but if the surmises of geologists could be conclusively established there would be no conflict at all between the findings of science and the teaching of Scripture. The unknown interval between the first two verses of Genesis 1, is wide enough to embrace all the prehistoric ages which may have elapsed; but all that took place from Genesis 1:3 onwards transpired less than six thousand years ago.

"In six days the Lord made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is" (Ex. 20:11). There is a wide difference between "creating" and "making": to "create" is to call into existence something out of nothing; to "make" is to form or fashion something out of materials already existing. A carpenter can "make" a chair out of wood, but he is quite unable to "create" the wood itself. "In the beginning (whenever that was) God created the heaven and the earth"; subsequently (after the primitive creation had become a ruin) "the Lord made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is." This Exodus scripture settles the controversy which has been raised as to what kind of "days" are meant in Genesis 1, whether days of 24 hours, or protracted periods of time. In "six days," that is, literal days of twenty-four hours duration, the Lord completed the work of restoring and re-fashioning that which some terrible catastrophe had blasted and plunged into chaos.

Blogger web_loafer said...

d taylor

It will take some time to ponder the comments you left here at Sanity's Bluff.

I never discount something I have no knowledge of....

Study and thought.

Back with you later

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