Thursday, September 21, 2006
Is President George Walker Bush, the Devil?
Everyday, I try to learn something I didn’t know yesterday.
That is how this insignificant truck driver of Kansas lives his life.

One of the greatest learning tools available today is Google! Yes, google. I am a googleholic, and not even ashamed about my addiction.
Take for instance, upon arriving home after my hectic 12 hours of work today, (8 of those 12 hours behind the steering wheel of an 18 wheeler) I rushed to the ‘puter to google the words……………"Bush is the devil”
In addition to a being a googleholic, I am a talk radio and news radio listener while I work. So, I heard about the little tin-horn dictator friend of Jimmied Carter, you know...Hugeblow Cavass, owner of Citco Oil, formally Sinclair Oil, and soon to be Petrol Express, this small man, albeit a vicious killer, and friends with every enemy of America……….(including Cinder Sheaham) was at the podium of the UN………in New York, City, (which last time I checked is still in the UsofA) calling the president of the UsofA, The devil, not a devil....the devil.
Mr. tinhorn dictator, you may want to consider this. Mr. Bush was elected, by the people of America, he did not need Jimmied Carter to count the votes. You needed mr. socialist to certify your takeover of the oil fields of Venezuela.

When the votes were counted, (we count votes here in the UsofA) there were millions, yes millions more of American’s that voted for the man you call the Devil………then his opponent, old what's his name.

53% of the American voters choose the one you call the DEVIL…so you are not on the winning side, you are on the losing side. In fact almost all of your friends, are losers……Castro couldn’t win a legitimate election, your buddy in North Korea couldn’t get 20% of the votes of the citizens if a fair election took place. And your buddy in Iran, is a loser. You have a bigger percentage of citizens who hate you, than President Bush.

You read too many yellow rags from America. It is the media, hollywood, journlists, union thugs, george sorrows, and a few million brain dead who get all the attention as they hate a good man. They are not the majority, they are the idiots and losers of America and you cast your lot with them. Your buddies all seem to be losers who grab power by force, and enslave the people of the country. To really understand you, we need only to see how you became dictator of Venezuela.
Mr. tinhorn, you needed the buffoon of all times, Jimmied Carter, to legitimize your stolen election…..something he is good at. Jimmied has never met a tyrannical dictator that he didn’t love, he is a pervert like all of the loser’s you hang with. Yes, 53% of the voters in the UsofA, voted for the president you call the Devil, so you are not as popular as you think.

I learned a lot when I googled Bush is Satan, go ahead do it, don’t be afraid. It is a journey into the occult and a example of stupidity in plain display on the internet. And a lot of the Democrat speech writers practice their trade at places you will find in this search.

One of my favorite goog’s was But bear in mind, Chavass wasn’t the first person to call America’s duly elected president the devil this month…..

Sean Pain was ahead of the game, when he called President George Walker Bush…”Beelzebub, and a dumb one at that, Check it out.

It is amazing how the terrorists, thug dictators, hollywood perverts and most democrats seem to have the same speech writer. Sure George Bush mangles english once in awhile, but I hear him…He is real, a real American, which is becoming more and more rare these days. It is vogue to hate Bush nowadays. That is hard for me to understand, since he loves the country I love, the form of government I love, and is doing all he can to protect America, and I love him. There, you now know I am an americaphile, and proud of it dogface of south america….you know what falls south on this planet….when the devil has dirreah, you will be on the receiving end, mr chavass. It all falls down……enjoy your stolen riches and debauchery while you can, and oh by the way….Chavass….Cinderblockhead Sheehan, has the clap, and says you are the daddy of her new Casey.


Blogger web_loafer said...

My posts at Sanity Bluff will be fewer in the next week. 'puter in shop.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ouch, you hit a lot of nerves. We don't want to think about such things.

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