Friday, September 29, 2006
Excercise Program for Seniors
I have never asked for a senior citizen discount, nor will I. But I am finding more and more places that give a SCD to me, without asking. I don’t argue anymore, I just take it.

But looks can be deceiving, I am a strong person, I have worked at physically hard jobs all of my life, and still have a well of strength I can call upon, if it is needed. Enough about me, I want to share with you the physical fitness program that has helped me so much in my senior years. You too, can benefit from this exercise regiment, even if you are but 50 years of age. So here is your opportunity to learn from someone who knows a little about senior citizen excercise.

First and foremost, if you wish to strengthen your arm and shoulder muscles, it will take a physical exercise program. Your arms and shoulders are very important, since, when your legs give up, you can still have strong arms and shoulders, even in your wheelchair.

Here is the program I developed, and it can work for you also.

Three times a week devote 30 minutes to exercise. That’s only an hour and a half a week, you can do it.

Here is the whole progressive fitness program, I have developed.

Week 1, each of the three days you choose to exercise, find a comfortable place, have ice water and a towel nearby, while you TAKE A 5 POUND POTATO SACK IN EACH HAND, and extend stiffened arms straight out and attempt to hold them stretched out with the weight for at least one minute. Try until you succeed, it will be rewarding.
Week 2, replace the 5 pound potato sacks with 10 pound potato sacks. If you have been diligent in your exercise, you will be feeling the strengthening of your arms and shoulders!
Week 3, here is a large step, start using 25 pound potato sacks. Hang in there, it will work. You’ll soon start noticing your strength returning. Don’t stop now.
Week 4, by now you should be feeling like a teenager, so work with 50 pound potato sacks.
Week 5, now the real test….the 100 pound potato sacks.

Just think of all you have accomplished.

Congratulations, If you have followed webloafers 'exercise for seniors' program for five weeks, you will be feeling better about yourself. And, you will be stronger. At this point you can keep up the regiment of exercise that has made you feel good, or you can go on to the next level of webloafer's exercise program.
Week 6, add one potato to each of the 5 pound potato sacks…and keep on exercising.
Week 7,


Anonymous prying1 said...

I don't know Web Loafer. I thought you spelled better than that. You should have written, "Weak 6" and "Weak Seven"...

Pretty funny!

Anonymous fenfunnybone said...

Got a laugh from that one. Come visit my humor at.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who in their right or left mind would take the time to read to the punch line of this long blog joke?

I did.

A little too long and visually involved for a blog article, but it would make great standup comedy.

Is it yours to copyright?

I would like to use it.

Back at you via email.

Hope your email contacts are working.

Laughter is good for the soul.

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