Saturday, September 16, 2006

Escherichia coli, spinach and tomorrow

Why of course no illegal alien would break good sanitation laws. How ridiculous to suggest that just because 20,000,000 people broke a law to get into the USofA, and continue breaking any law they don’t like on a daily basis, how dare you suggest these same people could be the ones who broke the good sanitation laws and spread the deadly E coli bacteria in the USofA.

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To rehash yesterday's observations, as in, I TOLD YOU SO!


Anonymous slim said...

Yuk, I'm going on a diet. AGAIN!

Blogger phred said...

I doubt if you will get ALOT of praise for this from the bleeding hearts...
So I will say ... Amen.

No one will know either

I am not a supporter of illegal immigration myself, but the E. Coli bacteria is serious. We need to find out where it came from, even if it is from an illegal immigrant.

Blogger web_loafer said...

PA Progressive.

The truth is not desired much today, we must bend it to allow for the whole world. This e coli outbreak will be swept under the so many other things.

No politician will tell the truth today if it offends someone, or even something.

We have no objective media today, none, they all have agenda's, and it is centered on multiculturalism.

You see the socialist plan is to bring everyone in America down to the level of the third world nations such as Mexico.

Then we can all wallow around in filth and poverty, with women in burka's and children filled with hate. The soap factories will close up, along with the sanitation plants, water treatment plants and there will be no more need to find new cures for diseases.

The conservatives have tried, but failed to bring the world up to the standard of America, because the progressives have fought that plan tooth and nail. I mean…like…the fear of God, the desire to excel and the love of America are so passé. Who would want to live in a world with peace, and prosperity anyway, only greedy Americans. Let’s get one thing straight….let’s take Mexico for an example. Mexico has more natural resources than the United States, has a better agriculture climate, has everything necessary to be more than a third world nation….so what happened? It is not the USofA’s fault that the Mexicans couldn’t make their nation more than a hellhole of filth and poverty. It is their problem, and now they want to export poverty and filth to America. You just stand by and let it happen, so I can safely say “you don’t love America”.

Our schools now punish the ones who want to learn, yes they do, they make the brilliant children stay mired down in multiculturalism, while the third world fills the classrooms of America up, and our brilliant children are stupid zombies, but hey, ‘they are better than no one, and no ones better than them’.

That line from Bob Dylan is the most offensive thought I know of.
No Robert Zimmerman, rich drunk and druggie, There are some that are better than others. Excellence is not a disease that needs cured, like the schools of the USofA are hell bent to cure. What a sick thought…..trying to make everyone equal, by dumbing everyone down to third world levels.

That is our nations problems, we no longer want to be better than....we want to be just like...

Just like the filthy, bloodthirsty, crude, uneducated, unproductive of the world....I mean, let's all be alike.

And to the young women of America, you might start picking out the shade of blue or grey for your burka, and be prepared for a genital mutilation operation, for in the islamic America, women will be cattle, not people. Islam will probably win this fight for America and the world, because we are cowards, stupid and lazy as a people.

So don't worry about spinach, sooner or later you'll get used to the bacteria of the filthy, if you don't die.


I HAVE THE ANSWER, COME ON PERVERTS OF ISLAM LINE UP ON MY STREET. Burn my nations flag out there on the highway....I dare you.

The mentally tough will survive this clash, and the boys of islam are not mentally tough, they are killers yes, but they are stupid, filthy and are stealing oxygen from decent people who want to live in peace with all men and women.

I am sure there are at least 12 dozen mentally tough people in America.

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