Saturday, September 30, 2006

Earlier this month, Sanity's Bluff paid tribute to one of the 2,996 people murdered by muslims on 09-11-01.

And, if webloafer lives thirty more years, he will still, in his very old age, remember, who he bloggingly* remembered on that fifth anniversary of America's taste of muslim mass murder.I will always remember, always remember Frank.

Frank J. Koestner, was just one of 3,000 victims of the peaceful religion of islam, on that day. At this very moment, there are 50 nations where muslims are killing for mohamid. Think this one out, "Is islam a peaceful religion?" Find a war going on today, and the peaceful religion of islam started it, or caused it.

Mass Murdering muslims....that is what they do best...they don't find cures for disease, write poetry, build beautiful buildings, explore the universe, build bridges or compose music....they are too busy killing.

WEBLOAFER is determined to visit all of the blogs of those bloggers who took part in the beautiful remembence of those who were murdered on that Tuesday I will never forget, nor will I forgive those that sent the 19 braindead robots of islam on their mission of death.

Three thousand blogs are a lot of blogs to visit, but it will be done! Let me share with you something I ran across just today, while surfing the 2,996 blogs.

No excuses are needed for this cartoonish statement............of how we should be fighting. If you are not willing to fight as fierce as your enemy..........You will lose.........

Let me say that again.......

Just watch and listen to the video. If this video makes you angry, you are my enemy........and my enemy just may be the enemy of God. Don't bet against a God of Love, who has at sundry times commanded His people to slay the Philistines.

*one of my better webloaferisms....bloggingly, great word isn't it.


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