Friday, September 08, 2006
Chris Muir is a cartoonist whose work (Day by Day)has been featured here at Sanity's Bluff; well, almost from day one of his internet cartooning. His cartoon 'Day by Day' has brought me chuckles on a regular schedule.
But at Sanity's Bluff his great cartoon strip is presented each day, as the first comic in my cartoon section.
The cartoon section of Sanity's Bluff is on the back page, (bottom) of the paper (blog).
Today I simply must feature it on the first page, because it is one of his best.

Move over American hating Canuck.....Doonesburg ain't funny anymore, it is liberal dribble. Day by Day is much more thought provoking, we all know that the commie canuck's hate the USofA, so why should I plop down two quarters to buy a yellow rag that has such anti-American cartoons featured, as Doonebury.....?

When Chris Muir is syndicated and it is picked up by the commie yellow rag in my town, I may buy one of the papers. Oh, I'll clip enough coupons to get my money back, but it would be a pleasure to support such a talented cartoonist, with the head screwed on right.


Anonymous prying1 said...

Day by Day is one of my favorites and the only time I read it is on the blogs of others.

Think I should put a link on my blog for it?

If so, where? The dang right sidebar is already getting messy

Blogger web_loafer said...

prying1, the day by day cartoon can be easily placed at the bottom of all of your webpages or in the sidebar. You are not the only one with a messy side bar.....
If you want the code for your templete, just click on the cartoon as it appears on one of many blogs, and there is code for vertical or horizonal daily cartoons. I haven't had any problems with the site, it is updated each day, and Chris Muir is a good person. His talent is showing on the right side.....

I despise that canuck who uses American newspapers to spread his anti-American dribble. Who is it...Dumbsburry...Dunsburger....
Doonesberry...or whatever. He could not pay me enough to include his comic? on my blog.

So get the horizonal code, and if you have problems get back with me.

Hey, if john the loafer can get it working you should have no problem.

The sidebar is not the place for a daily updated comic.....

Catch you later..

Anonymous prying1 said...

So! You think my sidebar is messy huh? I'm deeply offended by the remark! Your lawyer will be hearing from my lawyer to set up a luncheon meeting. Your lawyer will have to pay for lunch.

Oh wait... I just read my original comment. Never mind...

Blogger web_loafer said...

Old age is a slippery slope.

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