Saturday, March 18, 2006

Today is the first anniversary of the beginning of your starvation.....13 days from now will be the anniversary of the day you left us. I feel so weaklingly, whimish and worthless.....I could not save your life. I should have done more, for life is precious........and you are still in our thoughts. Perhaps your murder will bring all of those that value life together to fight the merchants of death. In fact Dear Terri, as I look at what has transpired since your brutal and tortureous death, there is no doubt in my mind that God is avenging your murder. Since your murder, Two pro-life Judges have been seated on this nations bench of justice. Several states have declared abortion illegal, and that fight is coming. Life, oh precious life, we learn how to enjoy it, by noticing those that were denied it.

It's only been one year Terri,
We still remember who killed you, and why.
Your Father, Mother, Sisters and Brothers fought to the end for you.
You were steadfast and beautiful in our eyes, as they killed you.
We will never forget the ones that publically said you should die.
You have a family that misses you, We all miss you.
All of us that have learned so much about life, because we fought for yours.
In heaven, may I be the first one to reach out for your hand,
And tell you........WE STILL LOVE YOU TERRI.


Anonymous w?t?y? said...

WOW, too powerful for a blog. Please do not toss the email you'll soon get.
You have a unique grasp of the visual.Your collages stand without words. You must spend hours hunting up these pictures you slam together to make others think. You deserve a better outlet for that talent of yours.
The email will be from wasthatyou@***********

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

webloafer, I noticed the wording of the gravestone. Even in death, the truth was not told. No, Terri did not die in the 1990's, and depart in 2005.
She was brutalized all through the late 1990's and the murder was finished in 2006. I would never have remembered all of this if you had not blogged about it.
There can only be one day of departure. What kind of pervert would place something like that on the departeds burial spot? Sick, sick and sick.

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