Saturday, March 11, 2006
Predictions trump Memories
I don’t spend much time thinking about the past.
Yesterday can’t help me face today.
Tomorrow can’t help me today.
I try to avoid thinking about the past.
I am a personal friend of the one who holds forever in His hand.
And He has told me not to worry about tomorrow,
He has everything under control.

Occasionally; someone says something that takes me back to the past, and forces me to make it across that bridge that all the water flowed under.

I haven’t been blogging much lately. I need to learn time management. Time management is my project for my soon approaching 60th. Never too late?
Since I haven’t spent much time pimping my blog lately………comments are becoming scarce here at Sanity’s Bluff.

Then tonight, something jogged my memory.

Shane, the creator of one of my favorite blogs, ReflekShins left a comment at Sanity’s Bluff, that made me think about, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Before I go any further, please take the time to visit Shane’s Blog. But remember the back button, and get back here to Sanity’s Bluff.

Wasn’t that an inspirational, enjoyable blog?

Here is a comment Shane left here at Sanity’s Bluff. It was left after Shane read a longwinded blogarticle of mine, about farmers, in China, in America and in trouble. The article was "Your Grandparents May Have Been Farmers!"
Shanes comment was simply…

singing - "Where have all the farmers gone?"

It is thoughtful comments like this, that make life a little more enjoyable.

Upon reading Shane's comment, my mind naturally recalled one of my favorite songs in my early 60’s life, that was Pete Seeger, singing “Where have all the flowers gone?” (it amazes me how someone as young as Shane knows so much about things that happened before he was born).

Here is a bit of the song…

Where have all the flowers gone?
Long time passing
Where have all the flowers gone?
Long time ago
Where have all the flowers gone?
Girls have picked them every one
When will they ever learn?
When will they ever learn?

It was songs like this that inspired me in my youth. Since I left my youth behind; no one has ever asked me the question, “Which artist, musician or politician inspired you the most?” That probably is because I am a nothing (who would care to know what inspired me) and insignificant nothings need no inspiration to fail.

But if I had of been asked, I would have told the truth…Buffy Sainte-Marie.

Go google my inspiration, and figure?


Blogger phred said...

Red Sovine and Dave Dudley gave me white line fever. But I think bands like the Doors and CCR took me down the road , not to rebellion, but to doing it my way,( did that sound like Elvis?).
Those old R&R bands probably affected us more than we would like to admit.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Yes, music is a force to reckon with. Everyone likes some kind of music. Nowadays it is possible to have your own music when and how you want it. Ipods, XM, boomers, computers and CD players.

Those old rock and roll bands that the grownups said were the 'devil's music'seem so harmless now, don't they?

If the Beatles singing 'I want to hold your hand' upset people, how would rap go over in the 1960's?
But the fact remains music can be harmful.

I censor my audio world. Keep rap music out of it. Self censorship is hard, rap has a tantalizing beat to it, yet the lyrics are, well they are hateful. As much as I like the beat, I will not stay where there is rap music playing. I have nothing in common with someone who degrades women verbally....I view every woman or girl as a creation of God, and one that can carry out the greatest miracle in the world. Yes you know I'm talking about motherhood. Someday that woman that is being degraded by the lyrics of rap, will be a mother and hold an innocent creation of God to their bosom. I doubt they would want rap music playing then.

No rap..It won't find it's way into my life. I will leave a place of business if rap is being played. Rap lyrics are all about, glorifing rape, humiliation of women, suggesting violence, promoting drug use, and hatred and violence toward others, even our public servants.

So I have in fact censored rap from my world. Rap does not belong in my world.
But there is plenty of room for country, classical, jazz, rock and gospel.
God designed the best musical conveyance system when He created humans with the ability to sing.
Nothing is better, all other intruments of sound are inferior, so If you want to know what kind of music God listens to.....
It would be acappela.
Some day I want to be in the heavenly choir singing praise unto my creator. I doubt that there will be rap music in heaven. Really doubt it.

Blogger Shane said...

thanks for the good words my friend and of course that was the song I was parodying. You're right, they just don't make thought provoking melodic stuff like that anymore. I guess that allows us to keep our decades straight when we "remember when."

Parody on!

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